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15 Free Websites to Download Games for PC

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Want to download games for PC should be very easy to do today. The reason is, there are lots of Free Websites to Download Games for PC that “sell” various games for free.

There are lots of the best PC game sites that provide offline and online games for free which are certainly very exciting to play.

Of course, you are curious about what are the Best Quality Websites to Download Free PC Games that provide free games to their users? Come see the list below!

Top 15 Sites to Download Free PC Games

The sites below usually require you to install a client application on your computer.

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The site doesn’t always offer games for free, but there are times when there are popular games that are free to users.


ocean of games

“Lord Gaben”. Surely you have heard of these words in 9gag? Lord Gaben or Gabe Newell is the owner of Valve which is also the company that owns the Steam platform.

When Steam provides free game promos on its official website, Lord Gaben always gets thousands of thanks from gamers.

Yup! Steam is a legal PC game download site that often provides the best quality free games. For example, Dota 2 is up to one of the best FPS games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

Ubisoft Play

Ubisoft is usually known as the game developer behind the success of Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, and others. However, this developer also created its own game site called Uplay or Ubisoft Play.

Not as much as Steam, there are only a few game titles that can be obtained for free on the official website. However, there are lots of high-quality games you can buy for “flash sale” prices here. Interested?

Rockstar Games Launcher

Usually, Rockstar games are officially sold on platforms like Steam. However, now Rockstar also doesn’t want to miss making their own game client called Rockstar Games launcher.

Lots of games made by Rockstar are here. There are also several game titles that are provided free of charge, such as GTA: San Andreas when this site was first released.

Epic Games Store

free pc game download sites list

Who doesn’t know Epic Games? Not only releasing cool games like Fortnite which is the best battle royale game, but this developer also has its own legal game site called the Epic Games Store.

The Epic Games Store site often provides users with various free PC game titles. Starting from light games to high-quality games, you can have them for free on the official Epic Games client, even though most of them are old games.


Origin is already known as a Free Websites to Download Games for PC, such as soccer games FIFA, The Sims, Battlefield, and others. The games we mentioned earlier are definitely not free, friend. You have to buy it in advance to be able to play at will.

However, the Origin site also provides a variety of free PC games of the highest quality. For example, APEX Legends, Command & Conquer, and others. Isn’t that interesting?

Microsoft Store

If you are a Windows 10 user, surely on your laptop or PC there is an application called the Microsoft Store. Apart from being a place to download applications, the Microsoft Store also allows you to download free games, friend.

There are many free and paid PC games on the Microsoft Store site. You just need to find the game you want and download and install it on your PC or laptop. Yes, it’s that easy.


If you want to be nostalgic about playing the World of Warcraft game, the Blizzard site can be your first choice.

There is a huge selection of games here, from Starcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, and others. In addition, this site sometimes provides free offline and online PC game titles for users.

free pc games download

Have you ever watched the Pewdiepie channel? Gamers and content creators with the highest number of subscribers like to play indie games which are sometimes difficult to find infamous game clients.

One of the sites that provide free, newest, and most comprehensive games with the best quality is This site is often the choice of users who only have standard-spec computers because there are many choices of light and free games that are fun to play. Come on, try it!

GOG Galaxy

Maybe many of you have just heard of this one completely free PC game site. Yes, GOG Galaxy is the best PC game provider with a feature called DRM Free.

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What does it mean? DRM or Digital Rights Management can cause your game library to be lost or deleted if the game provider closes your account.

Unlike Steam, this site won’t do it. GOG Galaxy also provides many games that you are ready to download for free, even though most of them are old games.

Humble Store

The last legal PC game download site is the Humble Store. Not only selling free games, but Humble Store also often sells the best quality offline and online games at affordable prices.

Like GOG Galaxy, Humble Store usually distributes old school games for free to users. Even though it’s free, the game is still fun to play.

Pirated PC Game Download Sites

DISCLAIMER: The pirated free PC game download site that we describe below is for information only. Weblogue is not responsible for any risks that may arise as a result of this article. We also suggest that you keep buying the original games to support the developer.

RG Mechanics

best website to download free full version pc games

If you like downloading pirated free PC games on Torrent sites, usually one of these game providers is RG Mechanics. This site from Russia often provides AAA games for free with cable repacks.

That means this game is smaller than the original size. In addition, the quality will not decrease compared to the original version.

RG Mechanics is one of the most complete pirated free PC games sites today.

Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games can also be said to be a pirated site that offers the latest and most complete free PC games. Unlike other pirated sites, Ocean of Games also relies on donations from visitors to its site instead of displaying advertisements.

The advantage of Ocean of Games is the best server support that makes the game download process faster than usual. But, of course, it also depends on your internet speed at home.


Hienzo’s website makes it easy for you to find and download your favorite games. Not only PC games, but Hienzo also provides a library of games specifically for the PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PSP, and Nintendo Wii emulators.

For those of you who have a PC or laptop with limited specifications, Hienzo also provides a special tab containing many PC games with light specifications.


Apart from RG Mechanics, Skidrow was also popular on Torrent sites like Kickass. Now, Skidrow has a pirated site that provides the latest and most complete free PC games.

Skidrow is a pirated site that makes it easy for users to download their favorite games. This site also has a fairly fast server.

Ova Games

top 10 sites to download free pc games

Finally, there is Ova Games, which is one of the older pirated game sites. Shown with a compact design, you can search for various favorite games in the search field provided.

Ova Games also has a fast server that makes it easier for you to download the PC game you want. Try it right away, friend!

So, those are some recommendations for the latest and most comprehensive Free Websites to Download Games for PC that you can try. For those of you who are forced to choose pirated sites like RG mechanics, you better remember the risks and dangers first!

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Hopefully, this information is useful for those of you who want to find the latest offline and online games. Good luck!

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