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Currently, a quota is an important requirement for everyone. Without an internet quota, you can’t access anything from your smartphone. But sometimes the money to buy the quota is not enough, even though you need to access the internet. If this happens you can use a free internet application on Android.

With the free internet application on Android, it will help you to access the internet without quota and without spending any money. If you are curious, let’s discuss one by one below.

10 Apps Free Internet for Android

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If you want to access free internet without quota, you can try one of the following internet applications on Android:

HTTP Injector

You can use the HTTP injector application for free internet access on your Android phone. This application will make settings on the payload generator, SSH, host checker, and IP hunter. All of these settings will control your internet connection, so it’s free of charge.

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In addition, you can manage this application for all providers, without having to root the phone first. Most importantly, you have to set all the settings correctly so that you can experience free internet without quota on your Android.


The anonytun application works almost the same as the HTTP injector application. The difference is, you don’t need to create an SSH account first, making it simpler, especially for beginners. You only need to set the payload according to the provider used.

The internet speed is still good, almost the same as 4G internet speed. Calculated speed can reach 2 Mbps. To make the performance even better, you can adjust the payload and VPN.

Psiphon Pro

Psiphon Pro is among the most popular free internet applications. Even if you don’t have credit or quota, you can still access the internet for free. You can also access pages that are blocked by the government.

Because this application can open access to a proxy server. The arrangement is quite complicated. and you have to set everything properly to be able to access the internet for free on Android.

Psiphon XP

This free internet application on Android is the simplest to use because you don’t need an SSH account. You can download this application for free via Google Playstore. Then after installing it on your cellphone, install the provider card whose quota has run out.

Make arrangements and you can access the internet for free. There will be a key symbol on the navigation tab of your cellphone, which indicates that you have successfully accessed the free internet on an android phone.

Simple Server

All internet provider cards already support this one free internet application. To use it is quite easy, you just need to set the configuration correctly.

Each provider card has different settings. You must set the APN, proxy, and port properly. Don’t forget to adjust the card configuration according to the operator’s bugs.

Droid VPN

By using this application, you can access the internet as much as you want without quota. Surely you have to install this application on your cellphone first.

Then do the configuration settings according to the provider you are using. You must know the settings of each provider. If the configuration is successful, the icon at the top will turn blue.

Openvpn Connect

This application is not only used for free internet access but is also used to access blocked websites. The way it works is to connect an encrypted PTP. This application will provide a private key and certificate, so you can access the internet for free.

To use it you need an existing username and password. The internet speed is also pretty good, you don’t need to fill up your quota anymore because you have successfully used the free internet application on OpenVPN.


The next free internet application on Android is Ultrasurf. This ultratech-made application will help you bypass ISP sensors. The way it works is by using an encrypted HTTP protocol and proxy, so you can maintain the privacy of your server.

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So websites that pass the censorship will immediately be bypassed by ultrasurf. You can download the application for free on the official website of Ultrasurf. The size is small so it won’t slow down your smartphone’s performance.

Hideme VPN

This application has many benefits. You can keep the internet network safe and stable. In addition, this application can access a free VPN, so you can open blocked sites or eliminate positive internet.

You can also use this application for free internet access without any quota. The hideme VPN application can be downloaded for free via the Google Playstore.

Troid VPN Free

If you are a free quota lover, you can use this free Troid VPN application. Because you can get free and safe internet access. No need to worry about your network being hacked and others.

The internet speed provided is also quite good, so there is no need to be afraid of slow networks. However, to use this application you have to root your Android phone first.

Tips for Using Free Internet Applications on Android Phone

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  1. Before using the free internet application on Android mentioned above, make sure you already know the bug from the operator you are using. With this bug, you can access the internet even without having a quota or credit.
  2. Some applications for free internet have a VPN by default in the application. That way, you can easily access websites that are blocked by the government. VPNs also provide more identity security in surfing the internet.
  3. Applications that have been mentioned above you can use for free and without paying anything. Simply by installing the application via Google Playstore on your Android phone.

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So many articles about 10 free internet applications on Android that you can try. Each application has its advantages and disadvantages, so make a selection according to your needs.

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