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7 Fastest Browsers to Use in Windows 11

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StatsCounter officially released a list of the most popular and most used browsers around the world. The browser engine that is included in this list is also the fastest browser. Who ranks first?

According to your guess, the first rank of the fastest and most popular browser in the world is occupied by Google Chrome. The browser made by Google has a market share of 60% on the desktop platform.

While in second place is owned by Safari. Apple’s browser is still the second most used desktop browser with a market share of 9.84%, while Microsoft Edge is in third place with a percentage of 9.54%.

Safari and Edge are really competitive, and according to StatsCounter, it’s very likely that Edge will soon take over from Safari.

Behind Chrome, Safari, and Edge, there is the Firefox browser which has had a recent rise and peaked at 9.18% being the fastest browser. Followed by Opera with 3% achievement.

On the phone the position is different. Although Chrome still ranks first with 63%, followed by Safari driven by the iPhone market 26.7%, the third place is actually held by the Samsung browser (5.2%).

According to StatsCounter, Samsung was able to reach the third position thanks to its browser which is used by default on smartphones from the manufacturer.

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Meanwhile, the Edge browser, which is also available on smartphones, cannot establish itself in this segment. Microsoft still has work to do with this smartphone browser.

Fastest Web Browser In The World

fastest browser for windows 10

Google Chrome appears so dominant as the most popular and Fastest Browsers in the world, both on desktops, and other devices such as tablets, smartphones, and consoles. Chrome grabbed a market share of 63.06%.

While in second place is Safari with 19.84%, a value that may increase due to the fact that the app is installed by default on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The same is true for Chrome on Android devices.

Behind Apple’s browser solutions, there is fierce competition between Firefox, Edge, Samsung Internet, and Opera. It could be that there will be a change in position between these browsers, considering the percentage is not much different.

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It just depends on which browser can offer the most attractive features to its users.

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