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15 Variety of Easy Online Startup Business Ideas

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15 Easy Online Startup Business Ideas That Could Make You Rich

This article will cover 15 easy online startup business ideas for you who are having desire to begin your own online business. Business is a fruitful way to earn money. Everyone can do business. However, in order to make profitable business, it is a different story. Internet has leveled the business playing field. Online business is growing year by year. People are trying to get into the world of online business.

If you think that starting an online business is energy and time-consuming, you are totally misunderstanding the opportunity. Online business is easy. These following information combine several lists of online startup business ideas that everyone can try without many hassles. You may try it yourself. Here are the details:

15 Examples of Successful Startup Business Ideas You Can Follow

1. YouTube video creator

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For the introduction of easy online startup business ideas, there is Youtube platform that you can use to do business. You can build your business in front of camera. You just need to create video and then upload it at your Youtube Channel. When people are watching your video, you will receive some revenue through ad shares.

2. Online Proofreader or interpreter

If you have excellent ability in language, you can start your online business as proofreader or interpreter.

3. Blog Writer

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Some people who love writing can do business in blog. You can start by creating your own blog. Money will come to yourself when you have lots of visitors at you blog. You can monetize blog through advertising, info products and affiliate links. It can be adjusted to your suit.

4. Affiliate marketing agent

The next easy online startup business idea is becoming a reseller for another company’s product. You can sell the product through eBay or through your own site. Some big companies like Amazon offer people to become its affiliate marketing. You will get a commission for each product that you enable to sell. One thing to do is just sign up and get some buyer.

5. Online e-commerce store

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Creating an online store is easy. You can sell your products with a huge variety of customers out there. The products can be everything. You may sell physical goods that need shipping or just a digital download items like e-book, software and music. There are many platforms of e-commerce store.

6. Self-Publishing book author

People choose to publish their own book for their easy online startup business idea. As an author you can write a book for online selling. Amazon offers people to self-publish their book with fair and easy way. You can really make money from it.

7. Drop shipping

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In order to generate income, you can also try drop shipping. You are assigned to sell other people products in your online store. It offers commission for each sale. You can have the income without risking yourself to buy product stock and losing money.

8. SEO Writer / Consultant

The more websites available, the more chance you can have to do SEO business. Website developer is aiming to improve its chance to show up in search results. You may give them offer to this specialized service. It can produce money. In order to be SEO consultant, you should have good technical skills and familiar with search engines.

9. A virtual assistant (VA)

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The job for this easy online startup business idea is concerning on organizational skill and task management abilities. A VA covers some services of basic administrative skills such as data entering, creating travel arrangements and answering phone calls. Some virtual assistants are also able to perform data research. You can optimize for what kind of job you can do better.

10. A good Podcaster

Podcast is bit similar to Youtube. However, it is an audio form. The main job is you should create a content that is easy for your audience to consume. Podcast has advantages for its portability, costly effective and engage-able. When you have an audience, you can monetize your podcast content with sponsorship and offers. You need to upload your audio file regularly for growing your audience.

11. Graphic Designer

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Other easy online startup business idea is becoming a graphic designer. People who do this job make money by creating business logos, images, packaging design, sales page and many more. Graphic design offers business opportunity for everyone. It has massive industry. Graphic designer is capable to use some design tools like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Your creativity is very significant here. You should have a portfolio to showcase your work and skill to your customer.

12. Web designer or developer

It is very interesting to work as a web developer. It is probably not easy for some people but if you have good coding skills, you will be able to lift properly with this online business. A web developer can earn a decent amount of money from home.

13. Handmade craft seller

Are you an artisan? You have access to sell your high quality handmade product through online media like social media. For your online startup business you may sell like crocheted blanket or unique painted glassware. Unique crafts attracts customers. You can make an income from that. It does not need money to begin with.

14. Advertisement management.

Business needs advertisement. Not every person understands advertising system and rules well. it is your business opportunities. You may launch an ad management business to help those people in need. This online business of paid advertising could get you success and having lots of money.

15. Online teaching

Teaching has huge opportunity. You can teach your students from everywhere through online media. Effective tutor does not need to meet students in person anymore. You just have to set up the online meeting schedule. You have open choice to teach a variety of different subjects. It is also flexible for the students too. The fee of online teaching is quite high.

There are still thousands of ideas out there. Creativity is the main point to take your business running well. You can also make a simple analysis first regarding challenge or obstacle that may slow down your business ahead. You can start your business right after that. These easy online startup business ideas may give you a simple glance online business variation.

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