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Here are 7 Ways to Download Music From SoundCloud

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SoundCloud is one of the largest music and audio platforms in the world that allows people to discover and enjoy the best selection of music from the world’s most diverse community of creators. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, SoundCloud is used by more than 175 million users worldwide.

Initially SoundCloud was created for musicians to share and discuss their recordings, but later turned into a music distribution publishing medium. Since its change SoundCloud has embarked on the challenge of dominating Myspace as the platform musicians use to distribute their music.

History of SoundCloud

Now SoundCloud has become one of the largest audio platforms connecting a community of creators, listeners and curators on new trends. SoundCloud launched in 2008 has become the best media and source for audio creators to develop their careers. Many musicians have uploaded their work to SoundCloud and received responses from listeners.

This is a new stepping stone for those who want to get listeners but are not yet able to appear in public through a music label. Now there are more than 190 million tracks from 20 million creators that you can listen to in 190 countries. There are many types of tracks that have been shared on SoundCloud such as music, recordings or podcasts.

Starting April 2009 SoundCloud has received investment from various parties that helped bring SoundCloud to exist today. Although some plans such as cooperation with Twitter in March 2014 were discontinued because at that time it was because SoundCloud was unable to accommodate licenses with music labels. In addition, in September 2016 Spotify intended to buy SoundCloud, but in December 2016 Spotify canceled this intention.

In August 2014 SoundCloud launched a program called On SoundCloud which allowed its premier colleagues to monetize their tracks. Now SoundCloud provides this facility in the SoundCloud Pro subscription package for creators. Apart from that SoundCloud also has a SoundCloud Go package that is targeted at listeners.

SoundCloud Pro allows users to upload tracks with a total time of 6 hours, 3 hours more than a normal account which is limited to only 3 hours. In addition, with the Pro plan users will add features for processing analytics and monetization of the tracks they have shared and the ability to mute comments on the track so that other people cannot leave comments on the track.

SoundCloud Go, which is aimed at listeners, provides the benefits of no ads, offline playability and integration of music licenses from existing major labels. Features can play tracks offline indirectly, such as downloading tracks on the device so you can listen to them again without an internet connection.

7 Ways to Download Music From SoundCloud

No need to worry because without a subscription you can still download the tracks you want onto your device. So you can play back the track without an internet connection or put the track into your phone ringtone.

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In the following Weblogue will share some ways you can download tracks available on the SoundCloud music streaming platform site.

1. Download Direct Track on SoundCloud

The first step is to go to then select the track you want to download on SoundCloud. Creators have several settings that apply to their work, including setting the title, genre, description, privacy, and privacy such as whether tracks can be downloaded listened to offline or can be played while in other applications.

how to download from soundcloud app

If the creator allows the track they uploaded to be downloaded. Then the next step, click on the More option (dot image), you will see the Download original file option. Click the Download original file option, then the track will be downloaded directly to your device.

2. Download via is a great site that you can use to download files from various other sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Tiktok, Live Journal, SoundCloud, Instagram, Dailymotion, VK, bilibili, VIU and many more.

is soundcloud free to listen

The first step to being able to download a track in SoundCloud is to copy the music link that you want to download by highlighting the SoundCloud track link in the address bar then press Ctrl + C on the keyboard or right-click then select Copy.

soundcloud go apk

Go to then paste the link that you copied earlier by pressing Ctrl + V or right-clicking then selecting Paste in the searching bar in Then the download format will automatically appear available from the link.

To start downloading click the Download MP3 button (depending on the creator file type uploaded by the creator, in this link the creator uploads the track in MP3 format). Now your favorite track is already on your favorite device.

3. Download Via

available on soundcloud

Just like the previous site, the first step you have to do to be able to download is to copy the music link that you want to download.

Then go to then paste the music link on the site. Then click the CONVERT button.

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After the download page appears from the link that you have entered, click the DOWNLOAD THE SONG button to download the track. Now you have the track of your choice on your own device.

4. Download Via

download entire soundcloud playlist at once

The first step, go to the site then paste the music link that you want to download in the search bar of the page then click the Download button.

To start downloading your favorite track click the Download Track button. But if the download doesn’t happen you can click Download Manually then click on the Save Link As option then save the file on your device.

5. Download via

how to download soundcloud without app store

First, copy the music link that you want to download, go to then paste the link in the existing search bar page. Then click the Download MP3 button.

Click the Download MP3 button, then your love tracks will be downloaded to your device.

6. Download via


Another site that you can use to download tracks on SoundCloud is

Download via

Go to the site then paste the music link that you copied. Then click the SEARCH button.

Click the Download Now button to start downloading the tracks you want to have on your device right now.

7. Download via

download soundcloud app

Just like the web address, is a site that can be used to download SoundCloud tracks into MP3.

Download via

To download your favorite track go to the site, then paste the music link you want to download then click the Download button.

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Finally, click the Download Song button to download the track that you have selected onto your device.

Those are 7 ways you can do if you want to download music from SoundCloud. Hopefully, the methods above can help you download SoundCloud tracks and accompany your days. Have you tried one of the existing methods?

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