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Here are 5 Ways to download Dailymotion videos online

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Just at home can bring boredom and boredom because your activities are limited. One of the activities you can do to get rid of boredom is watching videos. Not only YouTube, but there are also other video sites that can be a place to find interesting videos to watch. One of them is Dailymotion.

So, for those who want to watch videos via Dailymotion or want to download the videos, you should find out the following five ways. But beforehand, first, know the history of Dailymotion’s journey to the success it is today.

History of Dailymotion

Dailymotion was founded on March 15, 2005, and has headquarters in Paris, France. Apart from Paris, Dailymotion also has offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Singapore, and Abidjan. Dailymotion is the second largest online video sharing site after YouTube. Now Dailymotion has around 300 million users from all over the world who watch 3.5 billion videos every month.

Spearheaded by Benjamin Bejbaum and Oliver Poitrey along with four other colleagues, the joint venture and raise capital of 9,271 US dollars to build Dailymotion. Since 2006 Dailymotion started to get investment. Then starting the 2011 part of Dailymotion has been acquired by several large companies such as Yahoo and Orange.

Dailymotion is available in 43 countries including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States.

However, several countries have blocked access to Dailymotion. Since August 2011 Kazakhstan has closed access to Dailymotion. In 2014 Dailymotion was again blocked in India because the government was concerned that video sites could become a medium for ISIS. However, at the end of December 2014, India lifted the ban. Then in 2017, Russia blocked Dailymotion for violating Russian copyright.

You don’t need to create an account to be able to enjoy videos on Dailymotion. But if you want to upload videos on Dailymotion you need an account that you can create for free. With this account, you can watch videos, upload videos, monetize videos that have been uploaded, view uploaded video analytics, and do videos directly.

Dailymotion also has a Family Filter feature that can be used to filter videos so that the content displayed is suitable for ages under 18 years. This feature will certainly be very helpful for parents who want to monitor broadcast content that their children can watch.

5 Ways to download Dailymotion videos online

Dailymotion protects the copyright of its users so videos that have been shared cannot be downloaded directly via the Dailymotion site. But you can still download it with the help of certain sites. Of course, only for personal consumption and not for sale.

This time Weblogue will share 5 ways you can do to download videos from Dailymotion. The first step that must be done to be able to download videos from Dailymotion is copying the Dailymotion video link.

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Go to then find the video you want to download in the searching bar. The Dailymotion website is responsive so search results will appear immediately while you enter the title of the video you are looking for. After finding the video you are looking for, click on the video.

dailymotion downloader unblocked

After being on the video you want, copy the video link. Highlight the link in the searching bar then press Ctrl + C on the keyboard or right-click then select Copy.

How to Download Videos on Dailymotion

1. Download via

  • The first step after you have copied the Dailymotion video link is to go to
  • Then enter the video link into the searching bar on the site.
  • Then click Download or enter on the keyboard.

dailymotion video downloader chrome

  • Highlight the Save Video Me link then drag or drag it to the bookmark bar at the bottom of your browser’s search bar.
  • After the link turns into a bookmark in the bookmark bar, click the embed video link available on the web page.
  • The link will take you to the embed video that you are going to download. To download the video, click Save Video Me in the bookmark bar.
  • After opening the page which contains a video download list, select the video resolution you want to save by right-clicking the mouse and selecting Save link as.
  • You can change the name of the video file that you want to save. Finally, click Save, the video will be downloaded to your device.

2. Download via

  • The first step is to go to site. Then paste the Dailymotion video link that you want to download in the searching bar on that page. Then click the Go button.

online media downloader

  • Then right-click on the Download button and select Save link as. according to the video resolution you want to save. In Dmvideo you can see the file size of each resolution.
  • Make sure the file type is the same as the file format listed on the download page. If it is not suitable, try to refresh or reload the download page. Click Save to save the video.

3. Download via

  • Go to the site then paste the Dailymotion video link in the searching bar. The page will automatically load the download link for the video.

free social media downloader

  • Right-click on the Download button and select Save link as… according to the resolution of the video you want to download.
  • Click Save to start downloading the Dailymotion video. You can change the file name before saving the video to make it easier for you to find the download results later.

4. Download via

  • Go to the ymp4. download site then pastes the Dailymotion video link that you want to download in the searching bar then click the Go button.

smallseotools dailymotion

  • A page of available resolution options will appear for the video you choose. Right-click on the Download button and select Save link as… at the resolution you want to save.
  • To start downloading click Save. Just wait for the download process to complete then the Dailymotion video will be saved and ready to watch on your device.

5. Download via

  • First, visit the site then paste the Dailymotion video link that you copied earlier. Then click the down arrow button next to the searching bar to display the download video list.

convert dailymotion to mp4 online free

  • The next page will display a list of available video resolutions, you can choose according to the resolution you want to save. Right-click on the video resolution button then select Save link as …
  • To save the video click the Save button, your favorite Dailymotion video will be downloaded to your device.

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Those are some of the ways you can download videos from Dailymotion easily. Hopefully, the discussion above can help you download your favorite Dailymotion videos so you can enjoy them without the need to be connected to an internet network.

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