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Top 4 Design Apps For Instagram Stories in 2022

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It’s incomplete to play Instagram without involving the story. Stories are an ideal partner that not only becomes a space to increase interaction, but also expands the reach of our content.

But creating stories is also as complex as creating feeds, it needs to be prepared carefully so that the content that we serve can be optimal. Well, to design an interesting IG Story, we can take advantage of the template application for Instagram Stories available on the Play Store.

4 Apps For Creating Beautiful Instagram Stories


instagram story template free

StoryArt is an Instagram Story editor app that offers 2000+ templates to help you create attractive collage layouts for Instagram Stories & Instagram Feeds, which can help you get more love and followers.

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Some of the StoryArt features, among others

  • 2000+ collage templates with different colors and shapes including grids that help you make your Insta Story stand out.
  • 60+ Themes with different designs and colors, including Movie, Retro, Minimalist, Polaroid, gbox
  • Animated Instagram story swag template.
  • 120+ cover highlight icons and stickers that can make your profile stand out.
  • Different background colors including black and white.
  • Multiple font styles, hype text, type your mojo story, and be a differentiator.

Story Maker

best apps for instagram stories 2021

Not much different from StoryArt, Story Maker also offers a wide selection of templates to use as Instagram Stories to Feeds. Story Maker lets your Story stand out in the easiest way.

No less than 500+ unique and slick designs to express your thoughts and life moments into elegant Stories. Just select a few photos, decorate them with templates, text, backgrounds, highlight covers and you’re done!


instagram story video template

Story Lab offers 700+ types of IG Stories and 500+ feed templates to help you create great Instagram layouts and collages. Unique Insta Stories and feed posts can be created on a blank canvas which you can customize with story filters and styles, text, stickers, brushes.

Using StoryLab, it’s very easy to design different animated Instagram Stories or Stories, insta feeds, and even highlight cover icons and logos for Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.


best apps for instagram stories 2021

Mostory also has loyal users who will certainly benefit from the features they offer. Some of the features that can be found in this application, among others:

  • Modify your photos with insta filters or animated hype type text boxes
  • Added high-quality animated templates to Instagram Stories with different collage styles.
  • Animation design lab: more than 10 themes, including movies, magazines, minimal, Polaroid, gbox, mojito, and many more.
  • Photos -Choose to create a video story with our fancy templates.
  • Add your words, quotes, status, captions, and quizzes with different text styles.
  • Add music to your story template.

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Those are the four design apps for Instagram Stories. Hope it is useful for your social media campaigns.

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