How to Remove, Uninstall, or Delete Chromium Malware

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Your Chromium can’t be erased on a laptop? Please refer to this article which will review how to easily delete chromium.

Chromium is a project of developing a browser that can run multi-platform and has an open-source base developed by the open-source browser community and has many versions. Chromium itself is different from Google Chrome.

The chromium application was originally a browser project designed to be used like Google Chrome. But increasingly, because it is open source, chromium has been infiltrated by malware that can cause laptop errors, which once installed, these viruses in Chromium can rewrite the existing data on the legitimate Chrome web browser shortcut and replace it with a fake one. So in effect, chromium can redirect to dangerous websites, infected advertisements, and the worst is identity theft. Chromium web browsers include eFast Browser, Chromium Browser, Tortuga Browser, Olcinium Browser, Qword Browser, Chedot Browser, BrowserAir Browser, Fusion Browser, BeagleBrowser, MyBrowser, Super Browse.

How to Delete Chromium

Many users have complained about that, which they want to uninstall Chromium, but on the one hand, this program is like a default program that cannot be uninstalled. Then, how do you fix it?

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Using the IObit Uninstaller Software

Because removing chromium and its viruses cannot be removed from the control panel, we will direct you to remove it through the help of a third party, namely the IObit Uninstaller software. Iobit Uninstaller itself is an application or software that functions to remove built-in applications or software from a Laptop / PC that cannot be removed through the control panel.

Iobit Uninstaller also supports or is compatible with various versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

So how do you uninstall Chromium?

uninstall chromium windows 10

  • If it has been downloaded, install the application and open the application or software.
  • Friend, go to the All programs menu, you can select it via the panel on the left side.

how to uninstall chromium windows 10 2020

  • If you are logged in, my friend is looking for a program called Chromium. Usually, this program is found below, you can scroll down and search carefully. There must be.
  • Furthermore, if you have found it, click on the application then select “Uninstall” which is in the right corner. At this point, the IObit Uninstaller system will provide options for creating restore points and deleting residual files. Just choose what you want.

But you need to know what the difference between uninstall restore points and residual files is, among others

A restore point is a condition where IObit creates a backup system file before performing a Chromium wipe. So, for example, there is an error, Iobit can return it back to normal.

The residual file is where data is stored, but the position of the data is no longer active because the main file has been deleted. For example the registry, cache, and others.

  • Later a notification will appear to confirm whether you want to delete it or not. here my friend clicks “Uninstall” again.
  • Please, buddy, wait for the deletion process to complete, don’t close it. Take it easy, it doesn’t take much time.
  • If later the Uninstall pop-up appears from the window, please, friend, click Uninstall or just next.
  • Done!

How? Easy right?

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When it’s finished, we recommend that you scan your laptop with the antivirus you have. But if you don’t have it yet, you can install an Anti-Virus-like Bit Defender, Avast, or you can also activate the default antivirus, namely Windows Defender. Don’t forget to scan it again!

The final word

The discussion above is an easy way to remove, uninstall, or delete chromium that is disturbing our laptops. If my friend has other ways, this is allowed to share with us all via the comments column below.

Okay, we end, good luck! 😊