17 Best Data Entry Online Jobs, Work from Home for Everyone

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There are many legit data entry online jobs that are scattered on the internet and offline in offices. All you need to realize from the start is that payments for this kind of jobs only provide a small fee. Be careful if you find an offer with a huge pay, you can be sure it is a scam. Let’s see there are many offers to find a vacancy in this field.

Data Entry Online Jobs, Freedom in Space and Time

data entry jobs from home

1. AccuTran Global

This company works to recruit people in the USA, Canada, and the UK. The type of work offered is a bit more complicated than ordinary data entry jobs. More requires transcription skills from the applicants.

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2. Axion Data Services

Usually, this company only accepts applicants if there are jobs available. So there is not always an offer in this field. In order not to be late, you should often visit their website to see their vacancies. They provide you data entry jobs from home that requires you to possess some small tasks first before taking the bigger next jobs.

3. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

There is a lot of work that needs to be done here. Small jobs that require precision in moving data online do not pay much. But the opportunity to work in the largest retail company is always there. If you are good at online typing jobs so this is your opportunity to get additional income

4. Capital Typing

Settle in Southern California. This outsourcing company provides a virtual office that requires data entry services, translators, transcription, customer service, online marketing and office administration services.

5. Birch Creek Communication

Basically, this company provides transcription services, over time, many jobs are broken down into writing, entering data and re-checking administration. If you want to get in, there’s no need to worry because this company has determined that all online data entry jobs online free to join. There are no hidden fees behind it.

6. Click worker

Worldwide outsourcing provides jobs such as writing, translating, data entry online jobs, conducting administrative re-research, and various other types of micro jobs. Although the fees offered are small, the work will always be there. All workers must register and carry out basic assessments to get jobs and receive wages.

7. Data Plus +

The Georgia-based company employs independent contractors who work remotely from home to scan data and documents, data entry, and do other micro jobs. Payroll based on the number of documents or data that is done online.

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8. DionData Solutions

This company requires typists to have the ability to speed at the 60 wpm limit. Accompanied by basic computer capabilities. Data entry online jobs without registration fee is something they put in the landing pages they have to call all the applicants worldwide. All you have to do is accept work and receive wages.

9. GorgeWarehouse.com

This company is quite generous in providing fee for its workers. For data entry online jobs and proofreading tasks, they usually dare to give around $ 10.50 / hour. But this company requires a speed of 30 words per minute. If there are vacancies, they will post it on the website. So please visit it often.

10. Quicktate or iDictate

This company has determined two skill levels. The first is Quicktate where the transcripts do more work but less difficulty. While iDictate has fewer jobs, however, the level of difficulty is more complex. The company provides voicemail transcription and other audio content by renting transcripts that work at home. The requirement they need is 50 wpm. Successful Transcriptionist Quicktate can receive work from iDictate, which transcribes a wider range of documents.

11. Working Solutions

This company based in the USA has two main jobs, namely as a call center and data entry. Where online call centers specifically recruit employees from the USA and for data entry online jobs they provide opportunities for all citizens of the world.

12. Freelancer.com

This company provides digital services with various criteria. Data entry itself is the type of work that is most widely offered with the number of applicants queuing to get a turn. But usually, employers prefer workers with star titles rather than glancing at new applicants. Jobs that are usually posted here include data entry, voiceover talent, translators, SEO skills, content writer, and many other micro jobs.

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13. Sribulancer.com

This company offers much work not only limited to online jobs. Sometimes employers ask applicants to do offline tasks such as survey recreational places, shopping centers, and also educational institutions. But again the data entry is always the winner. Both in the number of open vacancies and the number of applicants. They guarantee all they post here are freelance data entry jobs from home without investment.

14. The Smart Crowd

This is part of the giant company of Lion Bridge. They posted many job openings as data entry online. The method is very easy, but they will give you a number of tests to assess your level of proficiency. If you meet their requirement, they will contact and offer a job. Many do not fit with this. Payments are made once a month.

15. Micro workers

As the name suggests, this company provides many types of micro jobs, one of which is data entry online jobs. They are able to pay a price that is more expensive than other companies, but you have to do it very carefully and correctly to get the next job recommendation.

16. Upwork

As with other online service providers, the company also recruits independent contractors to do the work posted via the website. Various types of work that can be done at home can be found there. Adjust your ability to the type of work you are bargaining for.

17. FlexJobs

This is well maintained and established. You don’t need to worry about fraud here. Although they implemented a payment system with various packages. But this is a legit trusted website. Your level of expertise is highly valued here. We recommend that you prepare yourself with various basic computer capabilities if you want to find work here.

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Why do many people decide to find work like data entry? FREEDOM. Yes, that’s the good side of working without being bound by time and place. You can decide when you want to work, where you want to work and how much you want to do the job. With data entry online jobs on hand, you are a big boss!

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