18 Data Entry Jobs from Home, an Opportunity for Those of You Who Don’t Want to Leave Home

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If you expect income without leaving home, then you are in the right place right now. Because of what? Here I will discover 18 types of data entry jobs from home that you can do while drinking coffee on the porch of your house accompanied by your children and pets. How nice it would be if you managed to get money and stay with loved ones.

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Earning Money While Taking Care of Children by Taking Data Entry Jobs from Home

1. Plain Data Entry Jobs

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This is the most basic type of data entry work. All you need is fast and correct typing skills. Normally, you have to retype documents from PDF to MS Word. Not many need other skills besides your knowledge in writing and reading in the language required by the employer.

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2. Other Basic Typing Jobs

Besides working in MS Word, there are also employers who want the data to be moved to the Excel Spreadsheet format. You just fill in the Excel cell without needing to set the formula. It really works that only requires the most minimal skills. It is suitable for those of you who don’t have much time to think. All depends on the speed of your writing.

3. Word Processor or Typist

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This type requires more complex skills. You must understand how to make letters, letter charts, graphs, and letter labels. In addition, you must good at official vocabulary in use. In order to better master this legitimate data entry jobs home, you should first take the training. Then you will carry on this task entirely.

4. Cleaning of Data

You will get the type of work to delete and clear the data that has been printed. You can also be asked to fill it again with different data. This work is done both in MS Word and in Excel Spreadsheets.

5. Online Form Filling

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To fill in the database you must be very careful. Not just the speed expected here but accuracy is a very necessary thing. Databases are usually in large quantities. If there is an error in filling in one field, then the error will occur to all fields. This kind of work from home data entry jobs no fees so you can register your account without any worries.

6. Online Survey Jobs

This is the type of work filling out the questionnaire. You can fill as many as you can. Usually, the form contains various questions with specific topics. Taking between 5 to 15 minutes depends on how many questions and the speed of your internet network. This kind of data entry jobs from home can be done on several websites at the same time so that you increase your chances of getting a bigger extra income.

7. Captcha Entry Jobs

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As you know Captchas are images that contain text, numbers or alphanumeric data used to fill in the fields given below. You must complete hundreds of Captchas every day.

8. Copy & Paste Jobs

Here you only need to copy and paste from one file to another file. But of course, the employer offered the job because the amount was very large and he himself did not have time to do it. Accuracy is needed to solve it. You need to maintain work performance so you can be offered another job. This simple task is very easy so it can be done by everyone as the simplest ways of data entry jobs from home.

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9. Captioning

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This job requires creativity in processing words. The title in the news is very important to embrace the reader so that they want to read the continuation of the illustrated news. You must better understand the contents of the reading before giving a caption in front of it.

10. Re-Formatting and Correction

Formatting is very necessary here. You must understand the letter charts or labels requested. There are many jobs involving MS Word and Excel Spreadsheet formats. Hence the ability to write speed is not too important. Correcting the wrong format is the main task.

11. Formatting and Editing Job

You must correct spelling mistakes as well as grammar. You also need to be good at editing skills where you have to reformat the entire document. This type of data entry jobs from home I would highly recommend for you.

12. Image to Text Data Entry

You will be given an image which is a screenshot containing the written paragraph. You must read from the image and write it in a Word document. Most of these come from health sites that require medical terminology which is quite difficult for ordinary people.

13. Audio to Text

In order to complete this work well, you are required to be able to understand what is heard in the audio. Then you have to write it in a predetermined format for example in MS Word. You must really master the language needed there.

14. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcripts require you to be familiar with medical terms that are often quite confusing. Special education is needed such as nurses or other health professionals. A specials coordinator needs to do data entry direct reviews to provide a genuine result to prevent misunderstanding.

15. Medical Coding

This type of data entry jobs from home is higher levels than ordinary medical transcripts. You must be very familiar with the coding of medical systems which include the transformation of health care diagnoses, procedures, medical services into alphanumeric codes. It is very rare to find this type of work because the pay is high and most employers prefer to employ offline worker at the hospital.

16. Payroll Data Entry Operator

Jobs related to the employee payroll system. You just enter employee’s data such as name, payment, salary amount, allowances and others related to monthly payroll.

17. Entering Data into Web-Based System

You enter data into a web-based system of various types of product catalogs. This could be related to the legal department or insurance claim, or it could be a car registration number, owner’s name, contact details, etc.

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18. Email Processing

This is one of the highest paid data entry jobs. Here you process hundreds of emails every day to find their content and make a list in an Excel spreadsheet. You must be able to process thousands of emails and categorize them. This is more than ordinary typing.

Before deciding to join which sites can be trusted, there is one thing you need to look at whether data entry jobs from home without investment or you have to pay some money to get a job offer. Data entry jobs from home are really good for people who want to work from home but not many who qualify. Whether you are a housewife, student, retiree, or just someone who is looking for extra income, the best data entry for you.

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