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These 15 Things Create Your Own Business Ideas A Success

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Basically, actually create your own business ideas is not something that is very difficult. People give up before starting because they don’t know how to start right. Most of it all because they do not have the intention, plan, reason, even capital.

For those of you who are starting to create your own business ideas, then do it, whatever the reasons and circumstances. For the matter of creating your own business ideas, you can get these ideas from anywhere, like looking for inspiration in a writing.

To be able to be yourself and start your business later, you can do some of the things that are usually done by successful people who have tried to implement them. To create your own business ideas, you can try starting from the following 15 things.

15 Thing to Create Your Own Business Ideas

1. Digital payment

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You can try to make a new one like the previous example, PayPal.

2. Online transportation

Uber is one of the businesses. If you intend to rival it, try it first.

3. Online store

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You don’t have to create an online store platform, you just have to become a merchant member in the online store platform and become a dropshipper, like on Amazon or eBay.

4. Online news portal

Many companies have opened citizen journalism services. You can use this opportunity to become a freelance writer for a story or create your own news portal.

5. Article writing services

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Every website or site definitely needs written content. Usually, they will look for this service.

6. Language translator services

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The internet makes everything feel without boundaries. If a client has business with clients in other countries, naturally different languages are constrained. This you can use for your business idea.

7. Package delivery services

Package delivery by the way you create your own services, such as opening your own business or joining a number of well-known companies such as FedEx.

8. Laundry online

You can open this service on your social media. Simply promote your services online.

9. Design services

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Many people do not really know about design. Usually, they will hire some people who can do this.

10. Web hosting

Every company or business entity definitely needs web hosting for their place of business in cyberspace.

11. Social media promotion

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You can use your social media which has many followers as a promotional place for certain items.

12. Web browser

Maybe this is suitable for the soul of a programmer. By creating your own web browser, this will be a separate income for you.

13. Co-working space

Many people today choose to become a freelancer rather than an office employee. Usually, these freelancers certainly need a temporary place to work on projects that he gets.

14. Travel application

If your place has tourism potential, try creating a travel application. If you can, try collaborating with the local government, so you will get more cash injections later when creating the application.

15. Game application

If you have a dream to make a game, then do it even if it’s simple. Don’t be pessimistic, even games like a flappy bird are simple when it’s very much loved by people.

That’s 15 things you can do and might be an inspiration to create your own business ideas later.

15 expertise to create your own business ideas

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Create your own business ideas does not always require you to create a job. Indeed, such expectations, but business can certainly also be done by the way you join a company and help work on a project.

Of course, to be able to join a particular company, you must have the skills and expertise needed at that company. It is possible that you might enter a company that is not in accordance with the company, but this will certainly make you trouble yourself later on.

Therefore, you must know in advance, what interests and expertise are in you, then after that, you apply to companies that need these skills. Of all the companies, here are 15 skills to create your own business ideas:

1. Writing skills

Try to work in a news agency such as Reuters, the New York Times, or other news agencies. If not, you can also try news portal applications such as Line Today, or other news applications.

2. Programming skills

Lots of companies that require programming workers to maintain their website.

3. Design expertise

Suitable for you to work in the advertising or freelance section.

4. PR expertise

This is a job that is needed by every company, both public and private.

5. Planning expertise

You can register with several companies that frequently rebrand products. Because later you will be used as a media planner in the company.

6. Dental expertise

If you have experience with dental affairs, you can apply for work to government, private health agencies, or open your own practice.

7. Gastronomy

You can try by registering yourself at a famous cafe or restaurant.

8. Barista expertise

Hangouts are most often synonymous with coffee and gathering places. If you are good at making coffee, try to register yourself as a cafe barista.

9. Driving expertise

This is the solution to the many jobs available. But usually, you will be required to have permission to drive a heavy vehicle.

10. Academic expertise

For those of you who have entered the world of very high education, take advantage of this experience to become an expert and researcher in your field.

11. Cinematography expertise

If you have this skill, try to make a film.

12. Painting skills

You can open a service yourself to paint or draw a sketch of someone’s face.

13. Office expertise

You can operate the office and have the certification, try applying for a job as an admin in a company.

14. Automotive expertise

There are times when vehicles experience problems. You who like automotive can take advantage of this situation by opening your own garage.

15. Brokers expertise

If you are good at guessing the value of future stock investments, of course you can try this one.

Interested in trying one of them? That’s 15 skills to create your own business ideas.

15 promotional places to create your own business ideas

After create your own business ideas, then, of course, you are faced with finding a place where to promote your business idea. Fortunately, with this age of technology and sophistication, you don’t need to worry.

Simply take advantage of this technology for the place after you create your own business ideas. Pour all create your own business ideas, then let your prospective customers choose according to their individual tastes.

Among them, here are 15 of the best promotional places for your business idea:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. The website
  4. eBay
  5. Amazon
  6. Google Play Store
  7. App Store
  8. WhatsApp Business
  9. Television
  10. Youtube
  11. Spotify
  12. Joox
  13. Line
  14. Cinema
  15. Magazine

That’s 15 promotional sites to create your own business ideas.

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