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The Best Way To Create Instagram Ads That Work

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If you want to market your product to reach a wider range of customers, then you must try Instagram ads. Instagram has a service to promote your products through its platform. How to? Read more about this article about how to create Instagram ads.

But before you apply how to advertise on Instagram, do you know why Instagram is highly recommended as a medium for promoting your products? Because, since Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012, Instagram already has a very large number of active users and continues to grow until now.

In June 2018, Instagram’s active users have crossed the 1 billion mark. And once discussed by Yotpo that more than 30 percent of Instagram users have bought a product that appears on Instagram ads.

So, if you are a business person who wants to introduce your product or want to increase your turnover income, you should try Instagram ads. Before you understand how to advertise on Instagram with Instagram ads and create ads on Instagram, it’s good to first understand the important things that you must fulfill below.

Things Before Making Ads on Instagram

Make sure you have followed and fulfilled some of the requirements below before making an ad on your Instagram. The following are important things before making an ad on IG.

Types of Ads on Instagram

how to advertise on instagram for free

There are several types of ads on Instagram that you can choose from. However, there are conditions such as size, resolution, duration, and others that you must pay attention to so that your posts can be made advertisements on Instagram.

Create Photo Ads on Instagram

Most of the content on Instagram is photos, you can add your photos on Instagram freely. But not if you want to advertise on IG, you must pay attention to the size and resolution of your photo or image before being used as an ad.

You can use a standard image size of 1200 x 628 pixels. Try not to be less than that number, because if you use an image that is blurry and not clear, the photo cannot be promoted on IG.

Video Ads on Instagram

You also cannot arbitrarily use videos to be made as Instagram ads. You must follow Instagram’s standards for video ads.

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The video must be with a resolution of 600 x 315, an aspect ratio of 1: 91: 1, and a maximum size of 4 GB, and a maximum duration of 60 seconds. While the video carousel, resolution 600 x 600 or 1080 x 1080, aspect ratio 1: 1 and a maximum size of 4 GB and a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

Instagram Carousel Ads

A carousel is a post a combination of photos and videos. This format is usually used to introduce several product information in one advertisement.

Because you can share some content in the form of videos or photos in one ad. The carousel allows your target ad to better understand what is in the ad.

Advertise on Instagram story

These Instagram ads will usually appear on the sidelines when you open Instagram stories from Instagram users that you follow. Story ads on Instagram are quite popular because they can easily get the reach the target you want.

How to Advertise on Instagram

After you have determined what types of ads to use on Instagram ads, the next step is to create Instagram ads. To do this, you only need to use the Instagram application and make sure you have posted a photo or video that will be advertised.

Here’s how to create Instagram ads:

  • Log in to your business Instagram account via the Instagram application.
  • Go to the post you want to advertise.
  • Tap the Promote button at the bottom right of the post.
  • If the Facebook option appears, tap the Continue button.
  • Set the target audience, financing, and the duration the ad will apply.
  • You can also add a button in your IG ad.
  • Tap the Show Sample Promotion option to preview it.
  • Add the Money button to fill your ad balance.
  • When the Instagram ad is ready, tap the Create Promotion button.
  • Instagram ads check whether your ad meets its policies or not. If you haven’t made a mistake and have met the requirements, your Instagram ad will run as soon as possible.

When you have finished creating ads, don’t forget to check the achievement of Instagram ads by accessing the Insights in the promoted post. This can help you to evaluate and make it easier to determine the next ad target.

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That’s how to create Instagram ads. Hopefully, this is useful and can help you to easily create advertisements on Instagram.

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