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15 Courses on Online Marketing, Today Most in Demand

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To become a reliable marketer cannot just be easily created. It takes struggle and sacrifice to be able to achieve the quality of a professional. This is what business people often realize now. A marketing professional who wants to expand his repertoire with sophisticated digital marketing techniques, a college graduate who tries to enter the world of highly competitive marketing and also an entrepreneur who wants to spread the word about his new startup. Whatever the situation and conditions, digital marketing is the core game. This is what makes the growing place of courses that provide courses on online marketing that can be accessed by everyone in the world.

Business Skills Sought at Courses on Online Marketing Without Leaving Home

1. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera

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Marketing in a digital world

This is one of the best Coursera digital marketing that has a high well-organized level supported by instructors who are so concerned about the development of the abilities of each student.

2. IB Business School

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Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising, Public Relation, Digital Marketing

The aim of this course is to understand important issues when planning and evaluating marketing communications strategies and execution. Combining theories and models that are in accordance with practical information to make better marketing communication decisions.

3. University of Virginia

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Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamental

This courses on online marketing program are:

  • Week 1 : The action focus is followed up to successfully manage your product
  • Week 2 : Focus on your work using modern product management methods
  • Week 3 : Master new products and explore new product ideas
  • Week 4 : Master and strengthen existing products

4. EIT Digital

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Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs

This course starts with the most basic things in marketing. Starting from:

  • Cold calling
  • Potential customer analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Positioning
  • Closing transactions
  • Study the competition
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market expansion

5. Accenture

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Digital Skill

Free online courses of digital skills for all level:

  • Learn more about career opportunities in the digital world
  • Learn basic digital theory
  • Learn advanced digital concepts
  • Learn how to apply digital skills in work practices in the field

6. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Digital Transformation: Business Development and Marketing

This course helps you understand the general approach to subjects at a strategic level. With basic understanding, it will be easier to navigate the evolving tool landscape and get the highest value for business development and marketing. Also, students learn about new possibilities for business and marketing development and how to use them as strategic tools for the digital transformation of companies or businesses that will be developed.

7. ESSEC Business School

Foundation of Marketing Analytics

That is what will be learned in the foundation of marketing analytics:

  • Segmentation about understanding your customers
  • A model of assessment of appropriate targeting
  • The lifetime value of customers about anticipating their value in the future.

8. Lynda is one of the best online courses websites that provide free courses on online marketing that you can access for free, but for a more advanced level, there are certain costs at affordable prices.
Some of the available courses include:

  • Ethical marketing
  • Marketing tools
  • Marketing trends
  • Marketing in a diverse audience
  • Local marketing foundation
  • and much more

9. HubSpot Academy

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the foundation of an effective marketing strategy. This creative content marketing certification course will teach you how to tell, create content, repurposing, and unite promotions to build content marketing that fosters your business and career.

10. Skillshare

Introduction to Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the most powerful ways to connect with customers and drive the impact of marketing.

Learning in this course on online marketing includes:

  • Open key terms and vocabulary
  • Focusing on campaign objectives
  • Determine the audience segment
  • Processing copy and interesting visuals
  • Iteration and optimization of campaigns for long-term success

11. Udemy

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Class

Udemy digital marketing teaches you from the beginning to the end to be able to be reliable as a quality marketer who is able to succeed in entrepreneurship and work in other companies.

You will learn:

  • How to develop an online business from scratch
  • How to a valuable affiliate marketer
  • how to get high salaried jobs in the world of digital media marketing
  • How to effectively work from home as a freelance marketer

12. Ahrefs Academy

SEO, Content Marketing

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

These quality courses from Ahrefs include:

  • Keyword search;
  • Competitive deepening;
  • Cultivation of links;
  • Acquisition of links;
  • Strategic SEO

Each case study lesson and equipped with relevant videos. If you see how Ahrefs promotes its course, that’s where you will find the most obvious examples.

Everything you learn can easily be expanded beyond Ahrefs.

13. Constant Contact

Email Marketing Course

Constant Contact strives to advance your business no matter how small your business is starting. Constant Contact explores some of the small businesses of the community and sees what the biggest challenges they face can be helped. Then, we design blog posts, worksheets, webinars, and guides so that small entrepreneurs can overcome all problems and come back to grow the business.

A strategy guide that you can practice:

  • Designing an email marketing strategy
  • Designing emails that encourage customers to take action
  • Publish email content without wasting time
  • Estimating the impact of email marketing
  • Develop an email list

14. WordStream Online Advertising

Search marketing for Free

Learning digital online marketing is a complicated thing. There is so much information on how to optimize marketing on the internet. This overwhelms almost everyone even for an online marketing expert. That is why we make this free course on online marketing. With an organized and managed course framework to teach the basics of paid search and more advanced strategies, all in a format that is easy to follow.

15. edX Courses

Writing for Social Media

What will you learn:

  • Value of the audience you write
  • Content customization for specific audiences and shipping methods
  • Take advantage of effective online writing strategies
  • Communicate effectively in an online world

The ability to be able to compete and master marketing is something that business people must have. To get this ability you must be ready to start improving your social media marketing skills, free or paid courses on online marketing in this guide will help you learn faster without having to go back to school.

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