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15 Best Cooking Games Online and Offline

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For children or adults, one of the most popular game genres is cooking games that can be played online or offline. The reason is, cooking games usually offer colorful and fun gameplay.

Not only that, but players are also possible to make a variety of specialties from around the world, such as America, Japan, India, and so on.

To pass the time, you can just play fun food-making games at home, with friends or family to make it even more fun.

This game can also be an alternative choice besides battle royale games or brain teasers which are just as interesting to play.

For those who are curious, this time Weblogue will provide recommendations for the 15 best cooking games that can be played on Android smartphones online or offline. Come see in full!

15 Food & Cooking Games for Kids

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You can play the cooking game recommendations that we have summarized below online or offline. Some of them can even be played on Android gaming or Windows PC for free.

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Okay, so that you are not curious anymore, here is a list of the most exciting cooking games for you to play. Come see the full below!

Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

Cooking Mama: Let’s cook! is the best online cooking game that allows you to process more than 30 recipes from various countries. In addition, you as a player can also manage your own restaurant.

This cooking game features stunning graphics that make the cuisine look very attractive.

Cooking Fever

The next best cooking game recommendation is Cooking Fever. This food-making game can be played online or offline. In addition, Cooking Fever offers excellent recipes such as sushi, hamburgers, pizza, steak, tarts, and so on.

This cooking game has more than 1,000 fun levels or levels that allow you to upgrade the facilities in the kitchen. You can also design your kitchen to your liking, so cooking can be even more fun.

Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games

Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games is suitable for those of you who dream of becoming a cook at a famous restaurant. This game presents the experience of being a chef in a restaurant with a lot of fun in it.

You not only make the best dishes for your customers, but you also design new recipes, develop your restaurant and do a lot of fun.

Cooking Cafe – Restaurant Star: Chef Tycoon

Imagine that you are the chef and owner of a cafe. This best cooking game for Android and PC offers that experience with a graphic touch that is close to reality.

Cooking Cafe allows you to cook as well as build a restaurant business. To attract customers, you also have to be able to cook the best foods such as sandwiches, donuts, pizza, and so on.

Despite working as a chef and owner, the game’s difficulty level has been adjusted so that it is suitable for both children and adults.

Baking Cupcakes – Cooking Game

Cooking game recommendations that are no less exciting are Baking Cupcakes – Cooking Game. This cooking game can be played online or offline, and is perfect for those of you who want to cook cakes virtually.

Baking Cupcakes presents the sensation of cooking cakes from shopping, processing them, to giving cake decorations.

Keep in mind, even though this is just a game, you need to follow the available recipes so that the cake you make can taste good.

Cooking Dash

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Then, Cooking Dash allows you to act as a chef and also a celebrity. Cooking Dash requires you to serve delicious and fast food and all this process is broadcast on television stations.

As a celebrity chef, the quality of the food and the speed of cooking can affect the player’s popularity. Cooking Dash also allows you to raise pets that can accompany you while cooking.

Asian Cooking Star: New Restaurant & Cooking Games

Asian Cooking Star: New Restaurant & Cooking Games is perfect for those of you who like Asian cuisine, such as Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and so on.

Here, you can also upgrade the facilities in the kitchen so that you can serve the best and delicious dishes for customers.

Cooking Mania – Girls Games Food Craze Restaurant

Next! There’s Cooking Mania – Girls Games Food Craze Restaurant. This best cooking game is suitable for those of you who like challenges when cooking delicious dishes.

Cooking Mania presents the sensation of making a variety of delicious foods for customers. This game also provides more than 200 levels or levels with a variety of new recipes that are fun to try. One more thing, this game is suitable for all people.

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SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

Do you like watching SpongeBob SquarePants? You must play this game. The reason is, SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off is adapting the cartoon that is popular on the screen. This game also saves quota because it can be played in offline mode.

Here, you will be served as a chef at the Krusty Krab who has to cook and serve delicious Krabby Patty to customers. Not only SpongeBob, but this cooking game also presents other characters such as Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Sandy, and Patrick.

The Cook – 3D Cooking Game

The Cook – 3D Cooking Game can also be played to fill your spare time. As the name implies, this food-making game provides an experience with a three-dimensional view (3D) so that it looks like the real thing.

You will be a chef making a variety of delicious food for customers. The Cook does not only present the game but indirectly provides cooking tutorials because of the 3D view that is presented to the players.

Cooking World – Craze Kitchen Free Cooking Games

Cooking World – Craze Kitchen Free Cooking Games is also recommended. This game lets you play a chef and a restaurant owner and make the best food from all over the world.

You have to provide quality food so that more customers come so that the sales profits can be used to develop the restaurant. Cooking World games can also be played offline.

Cooking Crush: New Free Cooking Games Madness

Next up is Cooking Crush: New Free Cooking Games Madness. This cooking game doesn’t only require you to cook delicious food for customers but also have to make food fast.

You can cook various delicious dishes like pizza, roast chicken, tarts and so on for your customers. In addition, you can develop different restaurants at once to increase the number of customers.

Food Truck Chef

Do you want to own a food truck and sell delicious food on the beach? If so, then the Food Truck Chef game can be an option. This cooking game invites you to become a chef and cook delicious food in the car.

You have to cook the food well and also fast. The goal is that customers do not wait too long in line so that they get the best value from customers.

Culinary Taste of the Archipelago

Kuliner Selera Nusantara is a new online cooking game released. Remarkably, this game immediately grabbed attention and has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times by users.

Masha Cook

Lastly is Masha Cooking. The game is adapted from a Russian cartoon series called Masha and The Bear. Through Masha Cooking, you will be invited to make cakes and bread with a mixture of fruit such as strawberries and apples.

All these foods must be made in large portions because all the food will be distributed to the animals in the forest.

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Those are the recommendations for the 15 best cooking games that you can play online or offline. Please choose and download the cooking game above as you wish!

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