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7 Easy Ways To Clean Your Phone Screen

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Naturally, if we have an item of course we will take care of it very well. Likewise with cell phones. Caring for a mobile phone isn’t just about paying attention to the hardware. The reason is, you also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of your cell phone screen. Well, there are some tips and tricks for how to clean your phone screen.

The method that Weblogue will review this time is an easy, simple way, and without having to pay excessively. You can try the following methods to clean the cell phone screen as needed. Can it clean an oily cellphone screen? Please stay tuned to this article until the end!

How to Clean Your Phone’s Screen the Right Way

how to clean phone screen with toothpaste

Use a soft cloth

If you want to clean your cell phone screen safely and easily, then you can practice this one method at home. Using a soft cloth is a tool for cleaning the dust that sticks to the screen of your cell phone.

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Why should a soft textured fabric? If you choose a cloth with a rough texture, it will actually damage your screen. It could be that the rough cloth will scratch the surface of your cell phone screen. So, you can choose a soft cloth or choose a cloth that is used to clean eyeglass lenses.

Well, for use and how to clean your phone screen with a cloth, it’s also very easy and simple. You can follow these steps:

  • Prepare a cloth with a soft material
  • Make sure the cloth used is a clean cloth
  • Then, you can immediately wipe it on the cell phone screen
  • Wipe it thoroughly and slowly on the phone screen

How this one method is very easy to practice at home right? Moreover, you don’t need to pay excessively to use this one method. But this method can’t clean a scratched cellphone screen, huh. Its purpose is only to clean the dust.

Use Clean Water

If you feel that it is not clean enough just by wiping cloth on the cell phone screen, then you can combine the cloth with clean water. Well, the combination of clean water and this cloth is considered effective for removing the dust that sticks to the cell phone screen.

Before moving on to how to use it, you should prepare a few things that are needed. First, you can prepare clean water. The clean water here doesn’t have to be boiled water, you can also use tap water. However, make sure that the tap water you use is clean and clear. Better yet, if you use water that has been refined.

Then, prepare two clean soft cloths. Why does it have to be two? This is because one cloth will be used to wipe the cell phone screen using water, and the other cloth is used to clean the liquid residue from the water. If everything is ready, then you can follow the steps below:

  • Pour enough water on a clean cloth. You don’t need to make the cloth too wet, just pour water on the end of the cloth.
  • Next, you wipe the wet cloth on the cell phone screen slowly and thoroughly. Try to wipe it carefully and not pressurized. If you press too hard on the phone screen, it will damage the phone screen.
  • After you feel that you are enough to wipe a damp cloth on the cellphone screen, you can wipe the slightly damp screen surface with another clean cloth. Wipe until your phone screen is completely dry and not damp.

Well, that’s how to clean a cell phone screen using water. Very easy and simple right ?.

Use a Cotton

Another option for cleaning the cell phone screen easily is using Cotton. You can also use this tool to clean the earlobe to clean the cell phone screen. This cotton bud can be a substitute for the existing cloth in the previous method.

However, you still have to make sure that the Cotton you use has a cotton swab that is very soft so it won’t scratch your cell phone screen. The materials needed are not much different from the previous method, namely cotton bud and clean water. Then, try to follow these steps:

  • Pour 1 to 2 drops of clean water on the tip of the cotton bud
  • Then, wipe it on the screen of your cellphone
  • Don’t forget to wipe on the sidelines of the cell phone screen

With just 3 steps, now your cell phone screen is sleek and clean of dust. Same as the previous advice not to use excessive water on the cotton bud. Because, if you use excessive water, it is possible that the water will enter your cellphone’s hardware device. This will actually damage your cell phone. Want to try it?

Take advantage of Adhesive

You may be familiar with adhesive tools, right? Well, this one tool is not just for gluing objects. The reason is, you can use this tool as a way to clean dusty and dirty cell phone screens.

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  • Prepare the adhesive
  • Paste the adhesive on your mobile screen
  • Leave the adhesive sticking to the phone screen for a while
  • Then, gently peel off the adhesive that sticks to the phone screen

Very easy and economical right? Make sure to release the adhesive slowly, OK!

Use Gel Alcohol

Are you familiar with hand sanitizing alcohol gels? Well, the alcohol gel that is used to clean hands can also clean the cell phone screen, you know. Alcohol gel is dangerous for smartphones, but if used in the right way, alcohol gel will actually help clean the cell phone screen.

The method is quite easy, first, you prepare a soft cloth. Then, you can pour a small amount of gel alcohol over the cloth. The ratio of alcohol to water is 40% alcohol and 60% water. Then, you gently rub it on the phone screen. You need to remember, don’t immediately pour alcohol gel on the cell phone screen. Because this will damage the phone screen. Do you want to try it?

Use a special screen cleaning fluid

In today’s modern era, there are many tools and even special fluids for cleaning screens. Well, you can use this one method to clean the screen.

The method is very easy, you only need to pour this liquid as a substitute for water on the cloth. Next, you just have to wipe the cloth with this special liquid on the screen of the phone. Quite easy and safe to use. Want to try?

Using UV light

Maybe this one method is quite difficult to come by, but it can be a pretty good solution for cleaning your cell phone screen. Here you can use a tool called a Mobile UV Charger. This one tool is a sophisticated product that is claimed to be able to eradicate dirt on the cell phone screen.

In addition, this tool is capable of producing a wavelength of light that is claimed to be able to clean and destroy bacteria on the cellphone screen. It is not certain how well this tool is able to clean the cellphone screen, although this method can also be a wise choice for you. Interested in trying it?

So, those were some tips and tricks on How Clean Your Phone Screen. Actually, the method above can also be practiced to clean the laptop screen or clean the LED TV screen. Are you interested in trying? If you have any other suggestions, feel free to write them down in the comments below.

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Oh yes, we also don’t recommend cleaning the phone screen with toothpaste because it is ineffective and can actually cause more scratches on the screen. Also, you can check out some of the wrong ways to get rid of scratches on your phone screen in this article.

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