16 Genius Side Business Ideas You Can Start While Full-Time

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Getting tired of being an employee? Thinking about being a boss of your own company but still can decide what business does fit you? This article is just what you need to read. This article will give you some business ideas that you may consider to get into.

Business idea is a concept of giving the consumers what they need, could in the form of goods or services, and give money in returns. If you consider starting a business, you need to create the benchmark first that innovative and unique. That will help your business survive the market.

So, here is the list of business ideas presented in this article:

16 Business Ideas That Will Make You Millionaire

1. Business ideas from home

online business ideas for beginners

Our life today offers many amenities and ease in doing businesses. You don’t really have to go to the office, fight the traffic and queuing for subways to get to the workplace. Now, you can make your own home as your office and do your business affairs from there.

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So, here are some business ideas that you can do at home:

• Teachers

Normally a teacher should go to school and teach at a school. But as the goes by you can be a teacher only from your house.

Many students are undergoing the homeschooling today. For those students, they don’t have to attend school to study. Only by being accompanied by a teacher, a student can learn at home.

• Writers

When you say writer a decade ago, you may refer to a novelist, columnist or a journalist. But today, there are many kinds of writer. And the good thing of being writer is that you can do your business activities from your own cozy home.

• Designers

Other online business ideas that you can do at home is by being a designer. If you have ability to design, just do your designing activity at home and you can sell the result through social media online. Or you can work on the basis of order.

• Tailors

A tailor doesn’t have a certain office to do the job. All he or she needs is the sewing machine and ability to make fancy clothes. Then he or she just put the machine at home and do her business affairs at home.

• Home daycare

Most parents today are likely workers. For those who have babies, they will definitely need someone else to take care of their babies when they work. This business is really helpful for these kinds of parents. You find this business grow fast especially in big cities.

• Clothing reseller

This business is very popular among young mothers. You just sit down nicely at home, play your mobile phone, post your products in your social media accounts, chat your customers through it and the business runs smoothly, and finally the cash will easily flow into the pockets.

2. Creative small business ideas

unique online business ideas

Small business is getting popular for youngsters. Many young generations now choose to have their own business instead of becoming employees in independent companies. This tendency makes the competition in small business tighter.

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To be able to survive in the business you need to create a unique business. Think creatively about what business you want to do. The list of business ideas below may become your consideration:

• Rattan craft

This business is actually not a new one. But you give a new touch when you decide to do the business. Play in the shape. Get the shape of cartoon characters in your crafts. It will give a new look and anew selling price.

• Scrap frame

This unique crafts have specific target market. But you still have chances to play in this business since its former, the book scrap business, started to decrease in sales.

• Wood painting

Wood painting is kind of new business ideas. Not many starters see these chances, though the demand is quite good. The consumers who bought this crafts usually use them as wedding souvenirs or as present for friend or relatives.

• Pillow Characters

Creative industries always present new fresh ideas and produce unique products which have high selling price. Pillow which only used for sleeping, now can be magically turned into good and nice shapes like popular cartoon characters so that you can use them as present or souvenirs.

• Plastics recycle

You can do these marvelous business ideas into the first choice of yours when you think of starting a new business. Not only a good idea in business, by recycling the unused plastics you also save the environments; two pints for you.

3. Business ideas with low investment

online business ideas without investment

Capital has always been the main issue when you want to start the business. If you don’t have enough funds to run the business, these ideas are probably helpful for you. This business only needs small amount of fund.

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• Selling the electric credits

Smart phones have become daily needs for everybody now. Doing the business is just like doing the culinary business. It is prospective business with never ending consumers.

• Private courses

If you have special ability that is needed by many people you can start to sell the services. For example, you are good at English. Sell your ability, provide your customers by giving them the course.

• The groceries

This is also a never ending customer business. You have a very wide range of consumers in this business.

• Laundry services

This business has started to grow lately. As time goes by, the services offered are varying. They even offer to pick up and delivery services. This business is very popular especially when the business location is near the campuses or the dormitories.

• Freelance writer

This business ideas definitely needs no fund, only your skill in writing is needed here. There are a lot of people are involved in this business nowadays. Mostly are the students. Students who would like to have their own income mostly choose this business as their main source the income.

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