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10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Without Watermark

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Content in the form of videos is now widely used on various platforms, both for entertainment, sharing, promotion, education, and so on. Now, to make the recording of a higher quality and attractive, you need a touch of editing.

Currently, the software for editing videos is not only limited to PCs, but there are already many best video editing apps free that can be used on mobile phones. It’s just that the video editing application that can be used for free on average is equipped with a watermark or watermark that will disturb the aesthetics of the video.

But you don’t need to worry, because this time we will share 10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Without Watermark that you can download for free. What are you curious about? Come on, see the discussion below!

10 Free & Best Android Video Editor Apps


best free video editing app for android

YouCut is a great choice for those looking for a free video editor apps for Android without a watermark. Even though it is free, the features contained in this application are quite diverse, ranging from basic ones such as trimming, splitting, and merging to providing a variety of filters and effects that can make your videos look more attractive.

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There is also a function here to change the video background and add text with various fonts and colors. It doesn’t stop there, this application also has a feature to add music for free as well as adjust the volume so as not to interfere with the original audio in the video. You can get the YouCut application for free on the Play Store.

VN Video Editor

best video editing app for android without watermark

For those who are looking for a the best video editing apps with fairly advanced tools, this VN Video Editor could be the right answer for you. This application provides multi-track editing which makes it easier for users to layer media and edit in detail.

Then, the speed adjustments are more detailed where they offer a shift in the curve, so you can adjust the speed with more precision. Other professional features offered by this application include masking, keyframe animation, and even a green screen.

There are also quite a lot of video effects available. They provide more than 60 filter variations and 21 video transition options. Apart from the advanced features, they also still offer basic editing tools like cropping, adding text, background music, etc.

The features available in VN Video Editor make it one of the Best Video Editor Apps for Android Without Watermark. Applications with interesting features can be downloaded for free via the Google Play Store.


best video editing app free

Quik is a Video Editor & Video Maker application developed by GoPro. One of the advantages of these apps is that they offer a wide choice of editing styles. So, all you have to do is select clips and photos, then in seconds, Quik will turn it into a ready-to-go video complete with transitions, effects, and background music.

Apart from that, Quik also offers adjustment tools such as cropping, changing rotation to adjusting the focus of each video and photo that will be used for the final product. Then, there are also features to set the duration for photos or text and speed up or slow down the recording.

At the end of the video, there is still outro credit, but you can delete it without paying or watching advertisements. The features offered by Quik make it a video editing application for beginners who don’t want to take a long time editing short videos. For those who are interested in Quik, you can get it directly through the Play Store.


video editor app download for android

This Best Free Android Video Editors is an option for beginners who want to start learning video editing. VLLO is relatively easy to operate, but the available features are more than just for working on simple videos.

The track editing contained here will simplify the video editing process with precision. The app also offers a PIP (picture-in-picture) where users can overlay videos, images, or GIFs in the video project they are working on.

There are also more than 200 royalty-free background music and more than 450 sound effects that are ready to use. But you can still import music from your Android device.

Even though this app offers in-app purchases, the free features offered by this app are still quite good. If interested, VLLO can be downloaded for free via the Google Play Store.


video editor for android free download apk

CapCut can also be another alternative for those who need a Best Video Editing Apps for Android with quite a variety of features. With this application, users will easily complete basic editing tasks such as cropping, adjusting speed, adding transitions, text, and stickers until the recording is reversed.

This video editor application also provides various kinds of filters and effects that can be used to polish videos to be more beautiful. Apart from basic functions, they also offer complex functions such as overlay, masking, and even chroma key.

There is still a watermark at the end of the video, but it can be removed easily without having to pay or subscribe. The most interesting thing is that all the features available in the CapCut application can be enjoyed for free by downloading it on the Google Play Store.


best video editing software

InShot is an alternative for those looking for an application to easily edit simple videos. This application can take care of basic tasks like cutting, stitching, and trimming the footage without destroying the video quality.

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To add to the aesthetics of the video, this app also offers a wide variety of filters, effects, text, emojis, and backgrounds. This app also offers video ratios for various types of social media such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other ratio options.
Unfortunately, there are limitations to the use of free access, where users have to watch advertisements before being able to enjoy videos without the watermark.

Despite its limitations, the features offered for free users are still sufficient for simple video editing for social media purposes. For those who are interested, this application can be directly downloaded via Google Play.


best video editing app for youtube

Vita is a Best Video Editor for Android developed by Snow. What makes this app stand out the most is its wide selection of filters and effects. They don’t only provide general filters like light, retro, and their friends. The app even offers anime filters like those available on SnowApp.

Apart from that, they also offer a huge selection of templates that can be downloaded. So, users just have to choose the video or image they want and instantly you can get a polished video. The Vita application is of course free from watermarks and can be obtained free of charge on Google Play.

Super Studio

best video editing app for pc

Super Studio is another option for those looking for a Best Mobile Video Editing Apps that’s completely free without in-app purchases. The design from Super Studio is quite clean, so it doesn’t take long to understand the features available here.

Its built-in features will do simple video editing work such as adding music, stickers, and text, changing speed, trimming, merging, rewind, and so on. So for those who need a simple video editing application, you can install this application via Google Play.


The Kruso video editor app offers a large selection of tools for customizing videos, one of which is adding additional GIFs, stickers, and filters. In addition, users can also edit the video background with a variety of colors or patterns which will certainly make your video prettier.

Another interesting thing is that they offer ready-to-use templates for various types of videos for both YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. But to enjoy the results of the video without a watermark, previously you were required to watch an ad for a few seconds. If you need an application that can add fun to your videos, download Kruso on Google Play right away!

ActionDirector Video Editor

Editing videos with ActionDirector does leave a watermark and when we try to delete an offer to buy will appear. However, if we close the offer and try again to remove the watermark, the option to watch ads will appear. After watching the advertisements available, the final product of your video will be free of watermarks.

This well-known video editor offers more features than just basic tools. It also includes several interesting features such as smoothing videos, action movie effects and even sharpening blurry videos. ActionDirector Video Editor can be used on your device by downloading it on Google Play.

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That’s 10 Best Video Editor Apps for Android Without Watermark that can be downloaded for free. All of the above applications can certainly make videos more polished, you only need to choose them based on your needs. So, which application will you download?