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20 Best Video Editing Apps for Android

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Editing Videos doesn’t have to be done on laptops and PCs. You can also do cool video edits using your Android phone. These 20 best video editing applications will help you to do good video editing with good quality.

The best video editing apps for android that Weblogue will review this time can be the right choice and solution for your video editing lovers. Want to edit videos easily with stunning results? Check out the following reviews.

20 Free & Best Android Video Editor Apps


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Another best video editing apps for android now comes with an application called InShot. This application is commonly known by some people, namely Inshoot Video Editor. Editing videos is easy without the hassle offered by the InShot application.

You can cut videos, give various effects that can be done by InShot application. InShot application users can even attach text to better express themselves in existing videos. InShot also supports video formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, and many more. Interested? Just click here and download the application immediately.


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You can also do video editor like a professional by using your Android cellphone. KineMaster is the best video editing apps for android chosen by Caris Signal, where this application is also one of the best choices for the PlayStore editor.

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In its application, KineMaster offers various easy features for editing videos. Several features exist such as Multiple layers of video, images, effects, overlays, stickers, text, handwriting, and many more. Quite complete, right?


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Maybe this one best video editing apps for android is familiar to some people. VivaVideo also makes video editing easy. In the application, various filters are embedded and can be used by any editor who uses VivaVideo.

Not only that, but VivaVideo also prepares various themes for your videos. So, users can add a theme to suit your video. Starting from a romantic theme, about friendship, even VivaVideo is also preparing a birthday theme too. Want to edit videos easily with VivaVideo? Download the VivaVideo application here.


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It’s free and there is a limit to the length of the edited video, that’s one of the advantages offered by the VideoShow application. One of the best video editing apps provides an easy way to edit videos with VideoShow. Also, the VideoShow application does not escape installing and embedding sound effects and motion features for both fast and slow motion.

Not only that, but VideoShow is also capable of cutting videos that might be too long. You can also resize videos that are too large with the VideoShow application. Interested in using the VideoShow application? If you are interested, just click here and download the application.


adobe premiere clip

FilmoraGo is also no less good than the application that we have previously mentioned, of course, this application also has a variety of features that are quite complete. With the FilmoraGo application, users can edit videos, change video themes, add songs to videos, and insert text on videos.

What’s special is that FilmoraGo is supported by a choice of video ratios according to your needs. There are two options, namely the 1: 1 ratio, which is usually used for uploading on Instagram, and the second is the 16: 9 ratio, which can be uploaded to Youtube. So which ratio will you choose?


Providing video effects, slow motion, and even photo editing can be done by this one of the best video editing applications. PowerDirector is ready to pamper its users with features that can produce and create 4K videos too, you know.

Videos on GoPro or just using HP camera videos can be edited using the PowerDirector application. Various tools like professional video editors are also presented in the PowerDirector application.

Users can be satisfied with editing videos and creating videos according to their individual preferences and tastes. Adding songs and music to your videos can be done easily in the PowerDirector application. Interested in trying? Download the application here.


Free is also practical, that’s the mainstay of this best video editor application. Quik, a free video editing apps that will give you the sensation of editing videos like a pro. In the application, Quik provides 22 video styles that can be selected by application downloaders.

Not only that, but you can also add text with various fonts that have been prepared to further enhance your video. In fact, you can also embed various filter options which will certainly make your video even more attractive.

Quik can also choose a soundtrack for your video. There are 80 free songs for you to put on the video. Want to try? Download the application here. is one of the best free and reliable HD music video maker and photo slideshow maker with a variety of trendy templates, popular music, stunning transitions, and video effects. Influencers & vloggers who want to present a cool video can try editing it with

Some of’s mainstay features are the variety of templates with great effects + transitions that are constantly updated, transitions that follow the beat of the music to make videos stand out, dozens of high-quality free music to social media sharing. Interested? Immediately download the application here.


Want to edit an interesting video? If so, you must try this LIKE Video app. There are many interesting features and themes that have been prepared, several unique themes including “Superpower”, “Flying”, “Time Travel”, and “Lilliput.” To make the video theme even more attractive, LIKE Video also doesn’t forget to give a touch of effects and filters.

Don’t forget, here also you can change any sound or want to enter any song. In addition to editing videos, LIKE Video can also be used as a video recording application, as an ordinary camera. But, the difference is that here you can get stickers, themes, and effects that are more complete when compared to other applications. It’s good, is not it? Come on, try the application here.


As the name implies, the best video editor apps this time offers interesting and funny video editing. Funimate presents a variety of effects that are both up to date and cool to add to your collection of uploaded videos on vlogs or even for your Instagram.

Not only that, but Funimate will also allow its application users to create all ideas for editing videos. There is no limit to doing video editing on Funimate. You can freely express yourself through video editing with the Funimate application. Want to express yourself with video editing with Funimate? Download the application here.


Noizz is a best video editing apps for android that is currently being hit where users can try various interesting tools. Not just sticking stickers, because at Noizz you can embed various cool effects. Most importantly, the video effects provided by this application are not monotonous and tend to be creative.

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In addition to editing videos, Noizz can also be relied on for photo editing. You can edit photos and then collage them into a video. What’s interesting about this application is that its capacity is quite light, which is only 30MB. To use this application, you don’t need to buy because Noizz can be downloaded for free here.

ActionDirector Video Editor

One more thing, the best application chosen by the PlayStore editors and our best application, namely ActionDirector Video Editor. In the application, you can enjoy quite adequate features, for example, you can apply effects to videos, cut video duration, insert filters, and also add text. Quite complete for a video editing apps, right?

Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram

Trim, Crop, and other features you can use to do video editing with one of the best video editing apps for android, Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram. Not only that, but even a wide selection of motion effects is also embedded in the Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram application.

Application users can also change the video format to the 16: 9 cinema video. Share your best video creations directly on social media like, Instagram, or Vine. Not satisfied with the lighting results in the video? You can take advantage of the filter feature and add unique animation effects. Want to try this one application? Click here and get the application.


Magisto is a video editor app & music slideshow maker which has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Play Store. The app has won several awards, including the Google Play Editors ‘Choice, Gartner’s’ Cool Vendor ‘2018, and Consumer Reports’ # 1 Video Editing app 2017.

Magisto uses A.I. tools to find the best part of your recording. It intelligently applies editing techniques including stabilization, object detection, filters, effects, and automatic cropping to create stunning videos that outperform the average slideshow or collage. If you want to try it, immediately download the application here.


Embed your favorite tunes and music into your own video? Of course, it can be done by one of the best video editing apps for android. In addition to adding songs, Videoshop is also capable of cutting videos, you can trim video lengths that are too long neatly.

Not only that, but you can also even use the sound effect feature to make cool video creations. In the sound effects feature, you can produce laughing sounds, animal sounds, and even the sound effect of throwing winds you can use.

With the adjust feature, Videoshop application users can adjust the video brightness according to their needs and tastes. Ready to have a cool video to share with friends on social media? Just click here to get the application.

N Video Editor Maker VlogNow

Editing Adobe Premier-style videos on a laptop can also be done easily on your cellphone. N Video Editor Maker VlogNow is one of the best video editing applications that supports multi-track editing, by presenting project sheets like a professional application.

Cutting the duration, adding effects, modifying the background, of course, can all be done in this easy to use application.

There are at least 60 filters and 21 types of transitions that can be added to make your work appear cooler so that you can grow to become a great content creator faster.

Oh yes, there is also a feature to add subtitles for those of you who want to edit long-length videos such as movies or TV Series. Anyway, N Video Editor Maker VlogNow includes a best video editing apps for android that you must try. Let’s have the application via this link!

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush has powerful tools that let you quickly create videos that look and sound professional and just the way you want them. The apps from this well-known developer can be used free of charge for as long as you want with unlimited exports. You can upgrade for access to all the premium features and hundreds of animated titles, overlays, and graphics.

Some of the things you can do with this app are adding music and titles to videos, applying video effects to clips in a multitrack timeline, trimming the video screen size to adjust, and sharing to your favorite social sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, right from the app, and so forth. If interested, immediately download Adobe Premiere Rush here.

Video Editor – WeVideo

This Video Editor by WeVideo offers the convenience and speed of creating and sharing cool videos. With this app, you don’t have to be a professional to create amazing videos for various needs, such as school and business.

With Video Editor – WeVideo you can trim and organize video clips, edit photos and videos from the gallery or directly from the device camera, add titles and captions, publish videos up to 4K Ultra HD (with selected enhancements), and more. Download this application here.


AndroVid is an easy-to-use full-featured video maker and photo editor for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media. With a number of excellent features, AndroVid has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store.

With this application, you can create cool videos with music, text, effects, stickers, and many other features. If interested, immediately download the AndroVid application here.

Cute CUT

With the Cute CUT application, you can draw movies and you can draw on movies. With its powerful and easy-to-use editing features, Cute CUT allows you to create high-quality movies. As well as providing general video editor utilities, Cute CUT also features very advanced Hollywood-style editing functionality!

Some of the mainstay features of this best video editing apps for android are its user-friendly interface, supporting various resolutions and aspect ratios, including HD (16: 9), SD (4: 3), SQUARE (1: 1), and even portrait mode, 30+ tools. drawing, 20+ predefined transitions, and many more. Download the Cute CUT application here.

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So, those are the 20 best video editing apps for android that we recommend for you. All of the video editing applications above provide the same advantages in terms of making video editing that is easy, fast, practical, and free. Which one is your favorite?