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12 Best RAM Cleaner for Android on 2022

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Cached files or unused files on an Android smartphone can be one of the causes of full internal memory. For that, we will provide recommendations for the Best RAM Cleaner for Android on Android that you can use.

A cache is a copy of important data from an application that allows users to reopen the application more quickly. Basically, Android provides a certain amount of memory to store data from each application.

Each Android application installed on the device has a small amount of available memory. However, the capacity varies for each application. The stored content is also only the files that the application deems important.

This way, if the app closes or closes accidentally, the existing cached content doesn’t need to be reloaded.

Actually, quite a lot of applications to clean RAM and cache are available on the Google Play Store. But rather than getting confused about which one to choose, we’ve selected a few of the best.

Well, here are the recommendations for the Best RAM Cleaner for Android for the Weblogue version of the Android smartphone. There anything? Come on, look at the following list.

12 Best Android Cleaner Apps To Clear RAM And Cache


ram cleaner apk pro

CCleaner is the best Android cleaner application which is quite popular. Its ability to clear cache has been proven on many platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and also Android.

This application has many very useful features, such as deleting junk files, freeing RAM, monitoring the smartphone system, and also making you browse the internet on a smartphone more safely.

The user interface that is owned is also quite user-friendly. Plus its use is quite easy and not confusing.

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Booster for Android

The next RAM cleaning application that you can also use is Booster for Android. This one applies not only has a cache cleaning feature but also to various other useful features.

Booster for Android brings a series of features such as cache cleaner, memory accelerator, battery optimizer, and smart charging.

The cache cleaner feature will make it easier for you to clean outdated cache files that fill up your smartphone and have the potential for slower smartphone performance.

1Tap Cleaner

Looking for a way to clear the cache on your smartphone without the hassle? You can try the best Android cleaner application called 1Tap Cleaner.

1Tap Cleaner is said to be able to optimize your device in just one tap. Not only can you get rid of junk files, but this application can also delete call history, browser history, and so on.

AVG Cleaner

Besides being able to clean cache lodged in smartphones, the AVG Cleaner application is also claimed to be able to make your cellphone run faster and smoother.

Not only deleting junk files from smartphones but this cache cleaning application can also be used to remove bloatware applications embedded in your Android smartphone.

Nox Cleaner

ram cleanup

Nox Cleaner is the best RAM and cache cleaner application on Android with a pretty good rating. This application is useful for cleaning junk files that will speed up the performance of your Android phone.

In addition, Nox Cleaner can also protect your cellphone from privacy threats, clean duplicate files, and help extend smartphone battery life.

Interestingly, Nox Cleaner can scan your cellphone for virus threats in real-time. You could say this application offers quite a lot of features for users.

Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is the next application that you can rely on to clean junk files on your smartphone. This helps you improve the performance of the phone you own.

This application also has a number of other features such as stopping applications running in the background automatically, managing permissions for each application, and so on.

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Avira Optimizer

Another best Android RAM and cache cleaner app that you can use is Avira Optimizer. Not only cleaning the cache, but this application also has other features in the form of a RAM cleaner, memory cleaner, battery booster, and so on.

Avira Optimizer is a pretty useful garbage file cleaning application on your cellphone. It has many features and will certainly make it very easy for you.

Clean Droid

The next best RAM and cache cleaner application on Android is Clean Droid. This application can delete various junk files with just one tap.

By deleting various junk files on the cellphone, the performance of the device is also guaranteed to increase. In addition, the storage space is also more spacious than before.

Files by Google

Next, there is the Files by Google application. In fact, this is a file manager application, but in it, there is a feature that works as a junk file cleaner on cellphones.

Files by Google is very reliable as a RAM and cache cleaning application for Android smartphones. In addition, this application also has various features such as sending files offline, backup files to the cloud, and so on.

Phone Cleaner

The next best RAM and cache cleaner app is Phone Cleaner. This application can help empty unused applications in RAM and delete various junk files on the smartphone.

Apart from that, Phone Cleaner also has other features such as CPU Cooler, 1 Tap Boost, and also Notification Cleaner.

SD Maid

best ram cleaner app

SD Maid will help you to keep your device clean from useless files and potentially interfere with phone performance.

The SD Maid app allows you to organize files, delete useless files, detect junk files that previously belonged to uninstalled apps, and perform cleanup automatically.

Easy Cleaner

The last best RAM and cache cleaner application is Easy Cleaner. This application is useful for providing extra storage space and is able to increase the performance of a smartphone.

Various applications that are not in use will be closed from the background. This makes the phone performance smoother and saves battery.

If there are junk files, all you have to do is use this application to clean them very easily. Besides having an effect on performance, storage space will also be more relieved.

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Well, that was the list of recommendations for the Best RAM Cleaner for Android that you can use to get rid of junk files on your Android smartphone.

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