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10 Best Graphic Design Software for T-Shirts

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In this digital era, sketching clothing designs is no longer limited to paper media only. Now there are many applications that are used as a medium for pouring out clothing design ideas digitally in the form of flat sketches, tech sketches to fashion illustrations.

For those who are just interested in the world of fashion design or who are looking for other alternatives to design applications in use, this time we will share 10 Best Graphic Design Software for T-Shirts that can be used on your PC. What are you curious about? Come on, see the article below!

The Best Software For T-Shirt Design


best t shirt design software free download

Concepts is a drawing application that offers a wide variety of handy tools that can help fashion designer productivity. This application is able to make images look sharp even when enlarged, this way editing the details of the shirt design becomes easier.

Then there is also the tool wheel which makes it easier for users to change other tools as desired without having to leave the canvas being worked on. But unfortunately, the features of this application are more complete for the iPhone and iPad versions.

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If you are interested in the clothing design application from Concepts, you can get it for free through the Microsoft Store.

Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook is one of the best choices for those looking for a clothes design application for PC devices. This application offers more than 140 types of brushes that are able to show results that are similar to drawing on paper or canvas.

SketchBook also provides a side panel that contains a wide variety of drawing tool options. Although almost all of them have screens, the placement is still neat so that it doesn’t interfere with the design process.

Another advantage of this application is the relatively simple user interface. Interestingly again. Autodesk SketchBook can be downloaded for free via the Microsoft Store or the Mac App Store.

Tayasui Sketches

The Tayasui Sketches application can be used to help digitize clothes designs. This application offers various types of drawing tools located on the side of the screen so that users are more flexible when they want to change tools. Then, each of the brushes offered from pencils to watercolor brushes is available in various types of tips, sizes, and opacity.

Not only that, but they also provide various kinds of pattern templates that can certainly be used on the clothes design that is being worked on. Besides that, there is also a color mix function, where you can combine 2 colors and adjust the concentration to produce the perfect color as you wish.

Unfortunately, this image application is only available for Mac devices. If interested, you can directly visit the Mac Store App to download it for free.

Adobe Illustrator

best computer for t shirt design

One of Adobe’s products, Illustrator, is often used by fashion designers, starting from working on simple to complex designs.

With this application, users can create flat sketches, fashion illustrations, to line sheet catalogs. Because this application is very commonly used by designers, many tutorials are scattered on the internet.

It’s just that this application is not free, each month a subscription fee will be charged. But you don’t need to worry, because they still provide a trial version that can be enjoyed for free by downloading it via this Adobe page.

Corel Draw

Besides being Best Graphic Design Software, CorelDraw is also quite widely used by designers who are in the fashion field. This application provides a variety of features that can help users easily create flat sketches and illustrators.

To use CorelDraw, users are required to subscribe at a cost of around 49.95 US dollars for each month. However, CorelDraw is also available in a trial form for 15 days.

Adobe Photoshop

Apart from Illustrator, other Adobe products, namely Photoshop, can also be used to complete fashion design work. Photoshop offers tools to modify material designs, add shadows and highlights without making details from missing material textures, to rendering sketches.

For the sketching business, Illustrator is superior. But Photoshop wins when it comes to the design and modification of textile materials.

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Want to present clothing designs in 3D? If so, then this CLO application deserves to be on your desktop. With CLO, users can easily create various styles, from simple shirts to clothes with detailed complex patterns.

CLO also provides ready-to-use 3D avatars, so users can create the desired design directly on their avatar. This application also has a collection of various kinds of materials with visuals that are close to the original material.

Unfortunately, this CLO software is paid. To enjoy all of its features, a subscription fee of around US $ 50 per month will be charged. However, you can still enjoy it for free for 30 days by downloading the trial at this link.

Affinity Designer

best free t shirt design software

Affinity Designer is a vector graphics editor application that is predicted to be the equivalent of the Best Graphic Design Software from Adobe. The variety of features offered by this application makes it called a hybrid of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. In this way, this application can also be used for clothing design.

Affinity Designer is integrated with Pantone color swatches so that users are freer to express colors in designs. Another advantage is that the application’s user interface is beginner-friendly.

Unlike Adobe products that require a subscription, to enjoy this application users only need to pay once at a price of around the US $ 49.99. Affinity Designer is also available in a trial form which can be used for both Windows and Mac.

Repaper Studio

Repaper Studio or what was previously known as Imagine is a drawing application that also offers tools to use for sketching clothes designs. The User Interface of this application is very simple and to the point, making it easy to use for beginners.

This application provides a variety of brushes that can be easily adjusted thickness, opacity, line smoothing, and color. Interestingly, this application offers a feature to create a time-lapse video of the design process that you created.

The drawing tools offered are limited. But if you only need essential features, then this application is enough to meet your needs. Repaper Studio can be enjoyed on Windows PCs and Macs by downloading it via this site.

MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is an all-in-one drawing application with a variety of interesting features that can maximize the process of creating digital works of art. This application is indeed quite widely used for making manga, but the available features are good enough for designing clothes.

The available tools offer functions for creating shading and texture from garment materials. Plus, they also offer a wide variety of brush-type options. Although this application is very functional, it makes the screen look full. In addition, this application also lacks support for working on details, because when enlarged the results are a bit broken.

If you are interested in the complete features provided by MediBang Paint, you can get them for free by visiting this page.

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So that’s 10 Best Graphic Design Software for T-Shirts. Each of the above applications has its own advantages, all you have to do is adjust it according to your needs and preferences.


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