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7 Best Free Cloud Storage for 2022

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Best Free Cloud Storage? Digital data in various formats, be it photos, videos, documents, and other data, can now be stored easily in their respective mobile phones.

More and more data is stored in the cell phone, making the cellphone unable to accommodate this data.

But now the problem can be solved. Cloud Storage is the best alternative to store all that data.

The number of cloud storage services that provide storage space for free with different amounts of storage space in each service provider is sometimes confusing.

Cloud storage serviceFree Storage Capacity
Google Drive15GB
One drive5GB

Best Free Cloud Storage Services for Backup

Google Drive

best cloud storage free

This product made by Google has become one of the most popular cloud storage services. It is proven by the number of downloads of this application on the PlayStore to more than 5 billion. Great isn’t it??

If you use Google Drive as storage, you will get 15 GB of storage for free. The 15 GB of storage space includes Google Photos, as well as Gmail.

Google Drive is known as a secure and easy-to-use storage service. In addition, you can directly integrate with other services such as Google Photos, Google Mail, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, and others.

On Google Drive, you can easily share files with others. You can also invite others to view, edit, or comment on the files or folders you share with them.

Google Drive is also equipped with an offline reader and scanner tool that can scan paper documents and then convert them into PDF files.

Google Drive can be accessed on all devices, anywhere and anytime. If you need Google Drive with more storage space, there are various Gsuite plans that you can use at various prices too.

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1tb free cloud storage

Formerly called SkyDrive, one of these products made by Microsoft which is now renamed OneDrive has a storage capacity of 5 GB for free that you can access on various devices.

In the free version of OneDrive, you can get the basic features as any other cloud storage.

If you store a lot of files and folders, OneDrive has the ability to filter files according to the letters of the alphabet, newest, oldest, or the largest or smallest file size according to your needs. This will save you much more time searching for files.

You can also scan files and documents to turn them into PDF files. So you will find it easier to convert notes, photos, or other files into PDF format.

If you need more capacity, there is a storage plan provided by OneDrive up to 6 TB for 6 users in addition to various productivity tools, other supporting tools, and enhanced security.

For basic users, you don’t get productivity tools, support tools, and security that still uses 2-step verification.


200gb free cloud storage

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage providers. It is evident from the number of downloads that are more than 500 million people on the PlayStore.

In the free version, you can store files up to 2 GB. While for the paid version, you can get up to 3 TB of storage space.

For the free version of Dropbox, you can upload all files with the help of desktop and mobile applications. Files stored in Dropbox can be shared with anyone, even with someone who doesn’t have a Dropbox account.

If you use Dropbox to store various files, you will get a Dropbox space feature that you can use to pin important files or folders.

If you want to convert documents, photos, notes, notes, and more into PDF format, you can take advantage of the document scanner feature available in Dropbox.

Unfortunately, for the free version of Dropbox, you will not get the sync feature and do not use encryption for security. The basic version of Dropbox only uses 2-step verification to secure user files stored in the Dropbox cloud storage.


best free cloud storage for android

MediaFire will provide 10 GB of storage space for you after creating a MediaFire account.

But if 10 GB of storage space is still not enough. You can get up to 50 GB for free if you invite friends to join and download their software.

In MediaFire, you can save documents, excel files, slides, photos, videos, and music materials. So you can stream to listen to the music you save on MediaFire.

You can also share files via email, Facebook, Twitter, active links, and share to other android applications. Please download it on PlayStore if you want to try it.


unlimited cloud storage free

Do you want to get more storage space? Box can be an alternative. Box provides 10 GB of free storage space for those of you who want to store lots of files.

However, you can only upload files up to 250 MB in one upload. So you can’t upload files with a size more than that for one upload.

This cloud storage service, which has been downloaded by more than 10 million people, will make it easier for you to create office files, either word, slide, excel, or text files. Because if you want to create a new file, it will directly connect you to the office available on your phone and it will be automatically saved directly to the drive.

Do you want to share files with your colleagues? So easy. You can share files via email and you can specify whether he can only be a viewer (only download, preview, and share files) or as an editor (upload, download, preview, and edit files).

Or you can also share files via the link you shared if you don’t want to share via email. Don’t forget you can set the file to be read offline if you need the file at any time.

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100gb free cloud storage

Besides Box, another option that you can try is the service from PCloud which also provides 10 GB of cloud storage space.

The PCloud application itself is relatively light, less than 15 MB. Although not as popular as other cloud storage services, PCloud is worth trying.

With PCloud you can upload quickly using various devices such as iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can also access it via other popular web browsers, either via PC or mobile.

Like other cloud services, PCloud also allows you to share files and folders, change files to offline mode if you need the file at any time, and you can also share the link of the file to others, making it easier to share.

For security, PCloud has a feature called PCloud Crypto which will ensure that your files are truly encrypted and safe.

With PCloud Crypto, your files will be encrypted on your device then sent to storage. To open it, you must use the password you have set called CryptoPass.

If you are not satisfied with the 10 GB of free storage space from PCloud, you can update to premium by subscribing to certain packages up to 2 TB.


free cloud storage for students

This online storage service has large storage space for the free version, which is 50 GB. It is perfect for those of you who need free storage but provides large space.

Mega guarantees security for its users. Messages sent and files stored are end-to-end encrypted so that only the sender and recipient can know the data.

You can easily access 50 GB of free storage space from Mega through various devices, ranging from browsers, desktops, and mobile phones, and can be synchronized between devices with one another.

Its features are the same as other storage services. Mega allows you to share files via a link, either a link with a key for security or not. You can set it yourself.

Want to share a folder or want to share a folder with other people? You can do it easily in Mega.

You can also access the files offline if you wish. So even if you are not connected to the internet, you can still access it.

Mega’s “Chat” feature also makes it easier for you to communicate with other users. You can invite contacts (email) to be able to connect with each other and share files.

If you have a lot of contacts, you can also create contact groups that make it easier for you to chat safely on Mega, because your conversations are encrypted.

Of the seven cloud storage services discussed above, which one do you want to use?

I myself prefer to use Mega or Google Drive. Apart from having more storage space, its security and features make it easier for me to move.

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Well, if you have recommendations for other cloud storage services, you can add them by commenting below.


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