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11 Best Football Streaming Sites 2022

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Football matches on weekends are entertainment for the fans. There are many ways to be able to watch match after match, be it via TV or live streaming sites on the internet.

The government itself has actually been trying to eradicate the proliferation of illegal streaming sites that are detrimental to legal streaming services.

Even so, netizens do not lose their minds and still visit the site with the help of a VPN to enjoy watching football online and other sports.

The following Weblogue has provided Best Football Streaming Sites that can be visited. Don’t forget, if the site can’t be opened, you can use a VPN application to open these sites!

11 Free Live Football Streaming Sites

If you have a hobby of watching football online with friends or family, you don’t need to be confused about finding a free live streaming site without lag. Here’s a list of Best Football Streaming sites that you can use:

Mola TV

live football streaming free online espn

Mola TV is the official broadcast rights holder of the Premier League. This streaming site broadcasts all matches exclusively. The match can be watched through the application or website

Unfortunately, not all sports broadcasts, including soccer, can be obtained for free here, because only a few matches can be watched for free on this site.

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Live streaming of ball in the “big match” category is usually only for paying subscribers. Apart from the English League, on Mola TV you can watch several soccer competitions from other leagues.

Another best online soccer watching site, is This site has many channel options that allow users to freely choose sports shows. Not only that, but users can also choose the quality according to their internet connection.

You can choose shows with HD quality if the internet connection is fast. If you don’t like football, we can also choose other sports shows according to your taste. is suitable for anyone who likes sports streaming.


MyCujoo has a simple display and navigation that makes it easy for visitors to find favorite matches.

On this site, you can see a series of recent matches, popular weekly goals, and various match schedules in the near future. Interested in visiting this free soccer live streaming site?

free sports streaming sites provides various types of sports and broadcast channels that can be watched. We can watch American, European, and Asian league sports broadcasts. If you don’t like soccer, we can try other sports such as tennis, boxing, UFC, NBA, to WWE.

In addition, we can watch from channels such as ABC, CBS, CW, NB, NBCSN, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, Fox, and so on. With so many channels to choose from and types of sports, this site is worth checking out. is also not to be missed because it provides soccer matches and other sports that are taking place online. Users can also watch UFC, NHL, MLB, and other live matches online. The available sports also range from football, tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, Moto GP, and so on.

If you are bored with sports matches, this best live streaming site also provides TV channels and TV Shows.


Still not satisfied with the row of streaming soccer websites above? You can try LiveTv271 which provides free online viewing services for 24 hours.

You can see the closest match schedule or watch the match by watching live streaming.

You can also get interesting sports information such as video highlights, live scores, and leaderboards, in addition, to live to stream.

So besides being able to watch match broadcasts, you can get the latest information about other matches that have been completed.


live soccer tv free

Besides being able to watch sports on a daily basis, you can also choose streaming shows based on the type of sports such as rugby, tennis, boxing, NFL, NBA, to WWE. There is also a schedule and match results that can be seen.

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CricFree’s best live football streaming site is quite complete and allows us to choose ball shows according to taste starting from the Bundesliga, La Liga, Champions League, English League, and other leagues. You only have to be patient to enjoy impressions on CricFree because there are many advertisements on the page.

You can choose other sports besides football such as basketball, rugby, boxing, tennis, and so on. In addition, there is a schedule of daily sports events that can be seen directly on the main page.

Live Soccer TV

football live

Looking for a Best Football Streaming sites? You can consider Live Soccers TV, which is certainly not to be missed. The home page of this site provides the schedule of league matches in Europe and then you can choose the league you want to watch.

You can also choose shows based on channels such as Sky Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, to beIN Sports. A large number of menu variants and streaming viewing options make Live Soccers TV not to be missed. is available in both website and application format on Android. This site is not inferior to other streaming websites because it also provides basketball, Moto GP, rugby, cricket, and other sports besides football.

today football match live

The last Best Football Streaming sites,, is much loved by streaming seekers. We can watch all sports matches not only football. For football broadcasts, we can enjoy the Champions League, English league, German league, and other European leagues.

On the website page, the schedule for ongoing matches starting from the main league, second division league, to friendly matches is also included.

This soccer live streaming website should be an option if you are not satisfied with the previous online streaming site.

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So, for football enthusiasts, those are 11 Best Football Streaming sites that you can visit to be able to enjoy soccer matches from various world football leagues that started rolling out this month. Happy watching, friend.

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