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10 Best Dating Apps For Relationships

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Matchmaking Application on Android Phones- Finding a mate is not as easy as it thinks, many people have difficulty finding their love partner. He has done various ways, but have not found his idol.

However, now you don’t need to worry anymore because there are many dating applications on Android that will help you. You can choose a partner according to your wishes, from age, occupation, hobbies, appearance, and others.

Best Dating Apps For Relationships

free dating apps for android

Nowadays everything can be done online, from buying food, looking for laundry, motorcycle taxis to finding a mate. Even now, many people are successfully married using online dating applications. For those of you who want to try it, here are some applications that you can use.


Tantan is a popular dating app among teenagers, but there are also some adults who use it. You can find various people in this application. the partner search system in this application is very simple.

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If you feel that you fit with that person, immediately select a match. Then you can continue the chat via chat. There is a break the ice feature, to make you and your partner get to know each other.


Who is not familiar with this dating application. maybe many people have used it. You can search for a partner by the public or the closest distance to your location. Then you can swipe right if it fits and swipes left if it doesn’t.

If the person you like a response, that person will like it. Then you can continue via chat. Currently more than tens of millions of people use this application. You can download it for free on the playstore or google play store.


mobile dating apps

This free online dating application will help you find a life partner. You can choose a partner according to your wishes and criteria.

This application can be used for free but has quite complete features. Many people use it, you can download this application for free on the Playstore.


Not many people know what this application is, but the fact is that OkCupid can be used as a dating app that helps you find a soul mate. During the registration process, you have to answer a variety of questions, especially about relationship ethics, your outlook on life, and personal opinions.

This matchmaking application on Android will make it easier for you to find a partner according to the criteria. If you have connected with someone, you can use the send message feature.


You can find a match using the Happn application. This application will find you a partner that matches the criteria you want. You can adjust the age, occupation, place of residence, and others.

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This application guarantees the safety of its users, so you will not be fooled by irresponsible users. You can share status or photos with this application. Similar to social media applications in general.


eHarmony has helped more than 1 million people find their partner. In fact, many of these couples end up in the aisle. This matchmaking application is very trusted because the verification is quite complicated, so not just anyone can use this application.

You have to fill out a personal profile and a questionnaire, before finally uploading a photo. You can choose a potential partner according to the criteria, and if it fits you can continue to send messages to each other.


Although the name sounds strange, jaumo is a popular dating app. You can get a life partner according to the desired criteria.

First, you have to chat with the person you want, and then if it fits, it can move on to flirting. And finally, you can meet your partner.


Around 2015, this application was quite popular among teenagers. Especially since being advertised by young artists who were loved at that time. This Thai dating application from Thailand has almost the same features as Tinder.

But to find friends here, you don’t need to match first. There are many interesting features that you can use. In addition, there are culinary features, traveling, fitness, and various other features.


If you haven’t found the match you want, you can try this application. This application called Badoo is ranked 136 as the most popular site in the world. Many users have tried to find a mate in this application.

The total number of users is approximately 300 million users spread across various countries. This can be the reason you not only get a mate from Indonesia but also abroad.

Match Dating App

This application has a closed nature, it can only be used by people who are growing up. You can narrow your search by region, age, and more.

If you are in a city, you can also try to activate this application and find partners around you who also use it.

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Well, that’s a list of 10 online dating apps on Android that you can try. Find your life partner through the matchmaking application on Android using one of the applications above.


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