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7 Best Apps to create NFT for FREE on Android and iOS

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Best Apps to create NFT for FREE? Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, is one of the digital assets that can be sold at various prices. For those who want to earn money from NFT, you can create your own NFT through an application that can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

NFT is a popular asset today, then there are also those who want to sell, but they themselves are confused about how to make NFT.

In fact, making NFT is relatively easy, because there are several applications that can help you create your own NFT. This Best Apps to create NFT can be downloaded for free and installed on Android or iOS. Here is the list:

7 Best NFT Creator Applications for Android and iOS


How do I convert a file to WebP?

The NFT maker application recommendation is initiated by the Engine. This app is a blockchain wallet that allows you to store NFT assets. Not just saving, you can create NFT in the application.

In this application, you can create creative NFTs on Android or iOS and then sell them on NFT-only e-commerce sites. The advantage of Enjin is that it supports many cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, BitCoin, Cardano, and so on.

This is very beneficial, making it easier for customers to buy your NFT products. Moreover, this application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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How do I convert a JPEG to WebP?

Making NFT can also be easily done through Through this app you can turn the artwork you create into NFT assets. Not only that, you can also easily show off your NFT.

You do this by importing a wallet from an Ethereum or Cardano address, and you can view the NFT in card format.

You can swipe it and easily show it to other interested people. For those who are interested, this application can be downloaded easily on the Play Store and App Store.


How do I convert a JPEG to WebP in Photoshop?

At first, SuperMe was better known as an application to create your own cartoon or avatar. However, along with the development of application technology SuperMi can be used to make NFT.

You can use your imagination and creativity, to make NFT in the form of cartoons or avatars. Then please sell it and who knows, many people will be interested and buy your NFT product. SuperMe can be downloaded for free by Android and iOS users.

8bit Painter

Why you should not use WebP?

One of the most sought-after NFT assets is the content of the card with an 8-bit pixel ratio. Now! for those of you who want to draw NFT in 8-bit format, then the solution is in 8-Bit Painter.

Through that app, you can draw with 8-bit pixels. Then, you can also convert the image to an 8-bit format so that it is more aesthetic. Applications make this NFT available on Google Play Store and App Store.

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The SketchAr application is an application for making NFT Android and iOS which is quite complete. Because you can not only make NFT on your phone easily. However, you can also sell your NFTs on the same app.

In addition, there is information on tutorials for drawing content to be used as NFT, as well as various art contests with big prizes. You can easily download the SketchAr application on the Google Play Store and App Store.


If the previous application was deemed unattractive, then you can try GoArt. This application makes it easy to create your own NFT. Through mobile devices only, you can create unique and original NFT content.

Moreover, GoArt provides various features for editing photo or cartoon content. One of them is a filter feature that provides many types of filters such as Van Gogh, Pointillism, Brush Strokes, and Picasso.

GoArt works closely with OpenSea, so you can easily sell these crypto assets on OpenSea. The GoArt app is available on the Google Play Store or App Store.


Lastly is OpenSea. This application is the world’s first NFT e-commerce, so many creators are selling their NFTs in this online shopping application.

However, OpenSea is not only for buying and selling NFT. OpenSea can be a platform for creating your own NFT. You can creatively design NFTs, and sell them on OpenSea.

However, before creating or selling NFT in this app, you must create an account and profile on OpenSea. You can have the OpenSea application through the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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Well, that was the recommendation for 7 Best Apps to create NFT for FREE on Android and iOS, which can be downloaded for free. Hopefully, this information is useful and good luck.

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