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7 Best Android browsers in 2022

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The number of browser applications that have sprung up sometimes confuses users. They do not fully know what the features and advantages or disadvantages of these browsers are.

Therefore, here I try to review some of the best browsers that can be used on your Android phone.

Here it will be explained in sufficient detail in the hope that you can more easily choose a browser according to your current needs.

Here I will sort according to the size of the application, from the heaviest to the lightest. Please see the following discussion.

The best web browsers for Android

Edge – Best Android browsers

I put Microsoft Edge in the first place because the size of this application can be said to be quite large, which is more than 82 MB. The size of the application is not suitable for cellphones that have low specifications.

fastest android browser 2022

Microsoft Edge is known as a browser with almost the same interface as Chrome. When you first open Edge, you will find an interface that is equipped with a searching bar, a popular web list, and Microsoft news that presents the most popular news.

Although the size of this application is quite large, you will not be disappointed. The page loading speed when you access certain sites can be said to be fast.

Regarding features, Edge has various features that support your activities while surfing the internet.

Some of the features that are considered prominent and rarely embedded in other browsers are features such as the ability to scan QR Codes to perform searches. You can get this feature on the main Edge page.

Another feature is the reading view feature. With the reading view feature, when you want to read an article from a site, the web display will be cleaner and only focused on the article so that you are comfortable reading it.

When you want to surf the internet, you can choose the search engine you want to use. Not only Google, but you are also presented with other search engines, namely Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo.

The presence of the Automatic translate feature and a strong adblocker (if you activate it) that Edge has will further add to your convenience in using this one browser.

If you’re worried about security, Edge has a “Do Not Track” feature that you can enable to protect you from trackers roaming the internet.

Edge’s “InPrivate” mode tab feature will also make you feel safe. Because when you close the tab, automatically all history, cookies, cache, and temporary files will be deleted and will not be stored on the device.

For display matters, Edge only provides three types of display modes that you can change as you wish. The three types of modes are default, dark, and light modes. You can’t change the appearance of Edge personally yet.

Chrome Browser – Best Android browsers

No stranger to one of the products made by Google, Inc. on this one. Chrome browser has even become the default application on many android phones. So do not be surprised if this one browser users continue to increase.

best browser for android reddit

How not, Chrome has now reached more than 5 billion downloads. This is enough to prove the existence of Chrome as one of the best browsers for Android phones.

With an application size of more than 55 MB, Chrome can access the internet faster, saves quota, and is of course safe.

Chrome has a simple homepage display. When you first open the browser, you will find a search bar and a news page located just below the search bar. But if you don’t want to see it, you can hide it.

How about the access speed? Chrome is one of the browsers that can be said to have a high level of speed in terms of page loading and downloading.

When you are visiting a site in a foreign language, Chrome can translate it into Indonesian automatically. If you want to read offline, Chrome can also download sites for offline reading anytime, anywhere.

Security issues? Calm. Chrome is equipped with a safe browsing feature that keeps your phone safe by displaying notifications when you might open or download a malicious file or site.

Chrome’s “Do Not Track” feature can also protect you from trackers if you enable it.

Chrome is also equipped with site settings that you can set according to your needs. There you can specify whether a site you visit will allow you to enable cookies, location, camera, microphone, motion sensors, popups, or redirects.

If you feel bored with the appearance of Chrome, you can change it with another view provided. Unfortunately, Chrome only provides three display modes that you can use, namely default, light, and dark.

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Firefox – Best Android browsers

Firefox ranks third as the browser with the largest application size in this article. Firefox, which has an application size of more than 50 MB, is referred to as a competitor to Chrome. What do you think?

best browser for android phone 2022

Compared to Chrome, Firefox has advantages that Chrome does not have. Firefox provides many addons that are ready for you to use.

Like most browsers, Firefox has a clean and simple initial appearance. There are several alternative popular sites that appear on the Firefox start page, right under the searching bar.

Firefox is touted to be a secure browser with privacy controls and tracking protections that automatically block sites that try to track browsing activity.

Basic features such as multi-tab which can be used to search with many tabs at once and tab support with safe/private browsing mode are also available in this browser.

In terms of speed, I think Firefox is a fairly fast browser. Firefox is fast enough for business searching, downloading, and uploading.

In Firefox, I didn’t find the ad blocker or adblocker feature that is usually embedded in most browsers today. To find out more details, you can try it.

Dolphin – Best Android browsers

Dolphin is one of the browsers that I think is good, both in terms of performance and features. The size of the application is not too big, only about 25 MB.

fastest android browser 2022

When you first open this browser, you will see an interface that looks neat. There are many popular websites available on the start page and ready for you to access quickly.

Dolphin browser has a very friendly User Interface (UI). There are many features that Dolphin provides to provide user convenience when spending time in this one browser.

One feature that is attractive is the theme feature. Yep, Dolphin allows you to change the appearance of your own browser theme.

Dolphin provides a theme store with many theme categories that you can choose from. If you are reluctant to choose a theme in the theme store, you can also customize it according to your wishes.

This is the display of the theme categories that you can choose freely. I’ve also tried to change the look of Dolphin’s interface with one of the following themes.

best android browser for downloading

Another very interesting feature is the gesture & sonar feature. Gestures allow you to create a list of finger gestures to access a specific site.

For example, you want to access the Youtube site, then you only need to write the letter Y on the screen to access the site. You can set or add other gestures in the settings.

While the sonar feature allows you to search, share, save links, and more with just a voice command. So, Dolphin can pick up your voice to execute commands. This can be said to be similar to google voice.

This is the setting display for managing the gesture features in Dolphin. You can make your own pattern you want.

firefox for android

Still not satisfied with these features? Relax, Dolphin still has other features, such as a backup and restore feature.

You can backup and restore all your data in Dolphin, be it settings data, bookmarks, web data, and others.

About security? Dolphin allows you to set your own privacy-related settings. You can enable or disable location, remember passwords and forms, automatic security alerts, and AdBlock.

You can also enable the ‘exit settings’ which allows you to activate the ‘clear history, cache, and cookies’ feature. If you activate it, then when you are done using Dolphin and want to exit the application, all your history data, cache, and cookies will be deleted automatically.

Basic features such as night mode, incognito mode, desktop mode, and no image mode are also available and ready for you to use. There are many other features that Dolphin has. Of course, not all features can be discussed here.

If you ask about speed? Do not doubt. In my opinion, Dolphin is one of the fastest browsers for page loading, uploading, and downloading. If you’re curious, please try it now.

Opera Mini Browser – Best Android browsers

Surely you are familiar with this one browser. Opera mini is one of the browsers that I recommend for you. This application which is only about 12 MB in size is the application of choice if you want to find a fast browser.

The multi-tab feature that seems dynamic with the swipe model makes surfing more interactive. You can open multiple tabs at once to perform a search.

best android browser for privacy

If you like reading a site, there’s nothing wrong with saving the page for offline reading. Opera can do it. You can download in full the site you want to read offline.

While surfing the internet, you don’t have to worry about the internet data package you are using. Opera mini provides a data counter feature that allows you to monitor the data usage that Opera Mini has saved successfully.

Oh yes, you can also do a search using a QR Code, you know. So if you have a QR Code to enter a certain site, you can scan the QR Code to access the site.

If you’re asking about convenience, Opera Mini provides an Adblocker feature that will block annoying ads so you stay comfortable while surfing the internet.

One feature of Opera Mini that I think is different from other browsers is the file-sharing feature. Yep. You can use Opera Mini to share files with other Opera Mini users by using a QR Code.

For display matters, Opera Mini allows you to change the display color with the available colors. There are six colors available and you can choose them as you wish.

The ‘night view’ feature is also available in Opera Mini. But it only dims the screen brightness, not like the typical night mode found in other browsers.

If you open Opera Mini for the first time, then you will see a fairly crowded interface. Because it not only provides a searching bar on the start page of the application but also displays news that is currently viral.

But don’t worry, if you don’t need it, you can disable it in the settings.

In terms of speed, Opera Mini is fast in loading web pages, downloading, and uploading. So you don’t have to worry about speed issues.

DuckDuckGo – Best Android browsers

In terms of appearance, DuckDuckGo looks very simple and lacks features. But make no mistake, DuckDuckGo is the best and safest browser for you.

DuckDuckGo promises the security of your privacy while surfing because it matches its slogan, “The search engine that doesn’t track you”.

fastest browser for android

Do you need high personal privacy security? DuckDuckGo is right for you. During browsing, you will be protected from trackers or trackers, ensure the site is encrypted so that it is safe when accessed, private searches that promise security, and more.

Like other browsers, DuckDuckGo also provides multi-tab features, bookmarks, desktop mode, light time mode, and automatic data cleaning features.

Apart from the privacy guarantees and basic features embedded in DuckDuckGo, there are other features that make this browser different from the others.

When you surf the internet, the search results will not be divided into multiple pages. You only need to scroll down to find what you are looking for without having to go to the next page.

In addition, by typing certain keywords or ‘formulas’ you can get a stopwatch feature, password generator, check website status, look for specific information, create titles with correct lettering, loan calculator calculators, and many others.

For speed, DuckDuckGo is fast enough to surf the internet. So no need to worry. Please download now if you want to enjoy its features.

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Via Browser- Best Android browsers

Need a super lightweight but full-featured browser? Via Browser is the answer. This browser will not take up a lot of your phone’s memory. Via Browser only has an application size of no more than 1 MB.

Even though the application size is very small, opening means Via has minimal features. As a browser application like in general, Via has basic features such as multi tabs, automatic translation, bookmarks, adblocker, night mode, desktop mode, and incognito mode.

In addition, if you need more security, Via provides features such as do not track mode and location access that you can activate or deactivate as needed.

If you are finished using Via, Via will automatically delete your data in the form of cache, form data, web storage, and cookies. But you need to activate this feature first in the settings.

Besides being light, this browser will not be boring if you have to spend a lot of time in it. You can change the appearance of Via at will.

You can change the logo, background, and display style as you wish. So you won’t be bored using Via if you can change its appearance as you wish.

The image below is an example of the Via Browser display that I have customized.

How? More interesting huh? Not only is the application lightweight, simple in appearance, and full of features, Via also promises speed in loading web pages. So you don’t have to worry about the access speed.

Those are some of the best browser recommendations discussed this time. Of the seven browsers that I recommend, I recommend the Via and Dolphin browsers the most. But this is only my opinion.

Why do I recommend Via and Dolphin? Because in addition to the relatively light application, the features are okay, but also the speed of access, download, and upload is steady.

Maybe you have other heroes besides the two browsers that I recommend. What browser do you prefer? Please share in the comments column.

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