Apps to Create Stickers for WhatsApp

The Best Free Apps to Create Stickers for WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is a messenger application that is very popular and has many users. Besides being lightweight, this application is also relatively easy to use. You must be one of the users too right? When chatting with friends via WhatsApp, of course, it’s less fun if you only use text or writing. Therefore, WhatsApp is now adding a sticker feature that will make anyone even happier to use it.

Chatting using gifs, stickers, and emojis will make you more expressive and more able to express how you are feeling. But unfortunately, the stickers provided by WhatsApp are not so many choices. Don’t be sad, because it turns out that you can make your own WhatsApp stickers, you know. Check out, come on, The Best Free Apps to Create Stickers for WhatsApp that we recommend.

The 7 best apps to create stickers in WhatsApp!

Sticker Maker

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This application is only available on Android, not yet in the App Store. Sticker Maker allows you to create your own stickers directly from camera shots or images that are already in the gallery. The editing features are fairly advanced because there is a feature called Smart Select that makes it easier for you when cropping photos to follow the curve of the object.

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10 Sticker packs for WhatsApp

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This Sticker Pack is an application developed by Telegram LLC, which is also the developer of the Telegram messenger application. This app contains ten sticker packs containing rabbits, ducks, dinosaurs, cats, sharks, dogs, penguins, and many more. This application has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand people and has a 4.5 rating which means it is good.

Personal stickers for WhatsApp

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This application is a bit different from other sticker applications in the PlayStore. The advantage is that it can recognize the image you take and will display the relevant stickers. So, if you already have sticker raw materials in PNG format with a small resolution and size, you can directly use an application called Personal Sticker for WhatsApp.


how to make stickers for whatsapp from photos

Next is StickoText aka Stickers for Chat which is a WhatsApp sticker download application developed by Through this application, you can collect stickers from various categories, from expressions to special moments on Valentine’s Day for example. The drawback is, to download the stickers here you have to deal with quite a lot of ads.

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WeMoji is arguably one of the best WhatsApp sticker maker apps on Android. Of course, this app is free and easy to use. The features offered are quite a lot with functions that make it easier for you to make stickers more quickly. No need to worry, because the interface of WeMoji is fairly minimalist with easy-to-use navigation tools.

Sticker Studio

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This application was created and developed by PlayStudio apps. and available on Google Playstore. The average review from Sticker Studio is 4.3 and has been downloaded by five million users. There are many features that you can use at once to make the sticker design look attractive. The interface of this application is not complicated, it is also possible for you to make stickers with your own photos.

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Applications made by Snow, Inc. It has a size of 19 MB. contains various kinds of WhatsApp stickers that users can upload. It’s even easier to create and upload users’ own sticker packs using the integrated auto-cut feature. In addition to the sticker menu, this application also provides a number of WhatsApp status templates that make it look even cooler.

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All of these WhatsApp sticker maker applications are available for free, yes, to add to your sticker collection. So, which one is your favorite? Good luck, yes!

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