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Auctioned! This is the price of the Apple-1 Computer Prototype Assembled in Steve Jobs’ Garage

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For Apple fanboys with deep pockets, you can participate in the auction of one of Apple’s historic products in the form of Apple’s first computer prototype. The auction house RR Auction is auctioning a prototype of the Apple-1 computer that Steve Jobs made himself.

Auction house RR Auction will auction the Apple-1, the first computer prototype designed and assembled by legend and Apple founder Steve Jobs.

The Apple-1, which was designed and assembled by Jobs et al in 1976, became an important piece of history for Apple. The success of Apple’s first computer sales has changed the direction of the company into the technology giant it is today.

The current highest bid for the Apple-1 prototype is $229,755 as of Friday (22/7) afternoon. Bidding will run until August 18th, which means the final bid price will likely be much higher by the time the auction closes.

In a statement released by the auction house, it was stated that the device designed by Jobs was “soldered by hand” directly by another Apple founder, Steve Wozniak in 1976.

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The device that was soldered directly from Wozniak’s hand was what Jobs used to present the Apple-1 in front of their first prospective client. With Wozniak, Jobs demonstrated it to a local computer shop owner named Paul Terrell. That’s where Apple’s success began.

“Some Apple artifacts are very rare and have a high history, such as this Apple-1 prototype. The device, designed in Jobs’ car garage and known as the iconic story ‘Apple Garage’, is the beginning of the journey of two unexpected heroes who founded their empire,” wrote RR Auction in its description of the Apple-1.

“Moreover, it is the perfect embodiment of the symbiosis between Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Silicon Valley, as brilliant entrepreneurs, technology geniuses, and the infrastructure in which they thrive,” the description added.

Apple-1 Computer prototype

RR Auction notes that the item was authenticated by Apple-1 computer expert Corey Cohen. Appl’s first computer circuit board matches a photo taken by Terrell and later printed in Time Magazine in 2012.

However, it is not explained specifically whether Apple’s first computer prototype is still working or not. But many doubt that the old computer is still alive, aka it is no longer working.

This estimate appears because there appears to be slight pressure damage that has resulted in a fairly wide crack in the power supply, above the D12 to the bottom to the right of the A15.

Although it is no longer functional, the historical value of this rare computer is still very high. RR Auction estimates the last bid price will break the USD 500,000 mark.

A little flashback to Apple’s history. In the 1970s, the deadly duo Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started a company selling PC computers. From there, Apple then transformed into an innovative global technology company and the most valuable to date.

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The company, founded by Jobs and Wozniak, now has a market capitalization of nearly USD 2.5 trillion and is ranked one of the most valuable companies in the world.

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