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15 Best Android Games That Will Pay You Real Money

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Playing games while making money? Of course, I can. Especially now that many online games can be used as a money maker that you can play on your smartphone easily. Curious to know what games?

For those of you who like to play games, currently, there are many types of games that can be played from various genres, ranging from FPS games, RPG, Adventure, Vehicle simulation, etc.

However, technological developments have brought games not only as entertainment. These Best Android Games can now invite players to play while making money so that it is very profitable for players.

There are many money-making games that you can now find. You can choose what you like. But you also have to be vigilant, because there are many fake money-making games.

15 Best Money Making Apps for Android

Well, here are 15 recommendations for Android Games that can be played online via a smartphone.


The first money-making game was Quizz. This game provides an opportunity for players to earn money through quizzes in the game.

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Quiz materials in Quizz come from various categories such as Mathematics, Language, Sports, and so on. Then for those of you who managed to answer a lot of questions, then you can get a certain amount of balance.

Market Glory

android games to earn real money

The second money-making game is Market Glory. As the name implies, this game allows players to build economic, social, and security in a region.

You will play like a mayor who builds a city. As the mayor of the game, this game offers an interesting feature where you can get real money in Market Glory.

Later, the money you collect can be sent to your PayPal account. The Market Glory game itself is available on the Google Play Store.

Billionaire Board

The third game is the Billionaire Board. This game gives players the opportunity to get money and credit easily. The trick is to simply win the game on the Billionaire Board.

The money and credit you get can be transferred to your account and phone number. For those who are curious about the Billionaire Board, it can be downloaded easily and for free on the Google Play Store.

Lucky Time

As the name implies, the Lucky Time game is a kind of lottery or lottery game, where players have to press the button provided and wait for the number of prizes to be obtained.

The majority of the prizes offered are in the form of coins which can later be cashed in to your PayPal account. Lucky Time is suitable for increasing income and is available for free on the Google Play Store.


Next up is Mager. This game offers some money. To get it, players are required to take part in a variety of funny and entertaining games.

You also have the opportunity to get prizes if you succeed in inviting friends to play this game. You can download the Mager game on the Google Play Store.

Coin Town

The next money-making game is Coin Town. This game invites players to build a city according to the mission given. Later every mission there will be coins that you can exchange for cash.

Coin Town is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free for Android smartphone users anytime and anywhere.

Cross Puzzle with Prizes

The seventh is the Cross Puzzle with Prizes. This Android Games offers a crossword puzzle game that is usually available in newspapers. The difference is, you have to complete all game levels to get points and exchange them for money.

GAMEE Prizes

Another money-making game is GAMEE Prizes. This game provides more than 100 games to choose from. Each game provides money that can be sent via a PayPal account.

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GAMEE Prizes are suitable for increasing income and can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

Coin Pop – Play Games & Get Free Gift Cards

real money earning games

The ninth is Coin Pop. This money-making game offers a list of games to choose from. Each game provides its own challenges but also provides prizes in the form of coins that can be exchanged for money.

Online Descent Make Money Free

The next game is Online Descent. This game invites you to arrange the ball so that it can pass through the barrier wall. The longer you are able to survive, the more points you will get.

Then if you get enough points, you can exchange these points for money. Money withdrawals can be made via a PayPal account. Descent Online Game is available on Google Play Store.


Onet is not much different from other Onet Android Games. However, this game is quite interesting because you can get prizes when you win the game.

Prize Quiz 2

The next money-making game is Quiz with Prizes 2. This game presents a quiz with a variety of materials to choose from, from World Figures, Islam, History, Songs, and so on.

Guess the Prize Picture

This game is suitable for those of you who have a strong memory of an image.

You can exchange the money balance in the form of telephone credit. For those who are curious about Guess, the Prize Image can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.

Poker Pulsa Texas Poker Online

Poker Pulsa Texas Poker Online is a game that is able to provide money to players. This money can be exchanged in the form of telephone credit so that players can continue to access the internet or communicate smoothly.

Poker Pulsa can be downloaded on Google Play Store and you can play with friends, family, or other people around the world.

Cash Game Play & Earn

earn money by playing games paypal

Lastly is Cash Game Play & Earn. This game provides Jigsaw Puzzle, Word Search, and Lucky Spin games where each game offers prizes in the form of points.

The more you manage to collect a lot of points, the greater your chance to get a lot of money. This is because these points can be exchanged for an amount of money that is paid via PayPal.

For those who are curious about these money-making games, Cash Game Play & Earn is available on the Google Play Store.

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Those are the recommendations for the 15 Best Android Games That Will Pay You Real Money. Hopefully, this information is useful and you can play the game recommendations given to fill your spare time, and who knows how lucky. Good luck.