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5 Best Android Emulator for PC & Mac in 2022

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An Android emulator is a tool that allows us to run the Android OS on Windows, Mac, or Linux. By using it, we can experience all the features available on Android without having to buy or use an Android device. Like most software, this emulator can be downloaded and installed on a PC.

On this occasion, Weblogue will provide a list of Android game emulators that you should try on a PC to feel the sensation of using any version of the Android OS without having to buy it first. Check this out!

5 best Android emulators for PC and Mac

BlueStacks (Free)


BlusStacks is one of the best and lightweight android game emulators for PC. This android game emulator can support camera and microphone integration to be able to make calls or video calls via VoIP such as WhatsApp, Skype, and others.

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Amazingly, this Android emulator for PC provides a drag-and-drop feature between the desktop and the emulator for sharing data, synchronizing data between the emulator and Android devices, localizations, Android-on-TV, and many more.

This Android emulator for PC can also give you the experience of playing heavy games and being able to run several applications simultaneously like using Android which has high specifications.

Andy (Free)

android emulator for pc free download

By using the following android emulator for PC, you can easily sync your desktop (which uses Andy) and your Android device. Andy also supports cameras and microphones for calls and video calls such as BlueStacks.

If we use Andy on Windows 8 and above, this emulator supports multi-touch like a smartphone. Andy can also allow us to play high graphics games that we can’t run on our Android.

Genymotion (Free | $ 136 / year)

android emulator windows 10

Genymotion is a game emulator for Android that offers premium access for Android developers, but can also be used by casual users and gamers who want to run Android applications on a PC or Mac.

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This android game emulator supports a webcam and microphone like the two previous emulators for calling and video calls using the VoIP application.

Xamarin Android Player (Free)

android emulator online

Xamarin Android Player is an emulator for android that is suitable for those of you who want to try new features on Android. Like the previous emulators, this emulator can run games that require high specifications.

Xamarin is also suitable for users who are crazy about Android because the emulator has a network or hardware simulation feature on Android. Actually, this emulator is almost similar to the Android Emulator but Xamarin can run faster than the emulator provided by Google.

Android Emulator (Free)

android emulator for mac

Lastly is the lightest and best emulator for android offered by Google. This emulator allows us to run applications using AVD (a familiar name for the technology used in the emulator).

By using it, we can run multimedia, use several applications simultaneously, change the dashboard, connect to the network, and play Android games on PC, Mac, or Linux.

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This is the list of the best Android emulators that you can install on your Windows PC. Good luck!

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