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14 Best Android App for Money Making in 2022

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Android App for Money Making is currently being loved by many people.

Through this application, you can get additional cash without having to bother with side jobs.

Currently, smartphone functions, such as Android, are not only used to exist on social media or just play games.

In this sophisticated era, your Android can also be a money machine, you know.

As long as you have internet and large cell phone memory, you can play this money-making android application at any time as long as you need additional funds.

14 Best Money Making Apps for Android You Need to Try

best android app for money earning in bangladesh 2022

Want to know what are money-making android apps? Check it out in full via the discussion below!


The first money-making android application you can download is LuckyCash.

This free application on the Play Store will later provide great rewards, even if you manage to complete games or just watch videos.

Later, the money obtained from LuckyCash will be transferred to your PayPal account. The process is also not long even only two minutes.

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The hobby of playing games on mobile phones can now bring in money, you know. One application that you can try is Showbox.

This money-making android application allows you to collect coffers of money, with a point system.

For 1,000 points collected, that means you will get 1 dollar.

The more points you get, the greater the money transferred to your PayPal account.

Besides playing games, you can also get points just by watching videos in the Showbox application.

Cash Gift

Released by IcePoints Inc, you can download this money-making android app for free on the Play Store. How to run the Cash Gift application itself is quite easy.

You only need to collect points by installing the application, watching ads, and doing every given task.

After all, is done, you will get points with a calculation of 1000 points means 1 dollar.

Each point you have will be transferred by Cash Gift to your Pay Pal account in a matter of minutes.

Money Cube

The next money-making android application is Money Cube.

No less easy than the previous application, Money Cube offers rewards in the form of cash, every time you play a game and manage to collect coins with a click system in the application.

Apart from cashing out, Money Cube also provides other attractive prizes for users, in the form of Amazon vouchers, Google Play vouchers, and iTunes vouchers.

You also need to have a virtual payment account such as PayPal, to receive various attractive prizes from this application.

Money App

You can also use the Money App to get cash, you know. Its use is not much different from the previous money-making application, namely Cash Gift.

Simply complete each task given, from playing games, watching videos, filling out surveys, to other activities in this Money App.

Then you will get points that can be disbursed in cash.

This disbursement will later be processed into your PayPal account, and usually takes approximately 2-3 days.


Sixth, the best money-making android application is BuzzBreak.

This news-based application often rewards users who have read the news or watched videos in the application.

The reward given itself is usually in the form of cash which can be withdrawn at any time through a PayPal or DANA account.

For new BuzzBreak users, you can withdraw money from the application to your virtual account with a nominal value of 2 dollars and within 2 working days.

Grab Points

Actually, almost all money-making android applications always provide their own provisions, in the form of tasks that must be completed by each user. This also applies to the Grab Points application.

At Grab Points, to get rewards you are required to watch videos, fill out surveys, try certain site services, and invite other people to use the application.

In addition to getting rewards in the form of dollars, you can convert your points later or use them for payments on Amazon (minimum payout of 3 dollars) and Starbucks (minimum payout of 10 dollars).

Google Opinion Rewards

This money-making android application is indeed a bit different from the previous one.

Google Opinion Reward is a mobile survey application that can give you cash every time you complete a survey.

This application is not only intended for android users.

You who also use the iPhone can also use it. However, for remittance, Google Opinion Reward provides a different option.

For android users, the money will be disbursed to each user’s Google account. While iPhone users can receive cash through a PayPal account.

Each survey given usually only takes about 10 minutes to complete. This survey is not always available and sometimes only appears once a week.

For the survey theme itself, the Google Opinion Rewards team always asks different questions.

Even when you activate the “Location” feature in this application, it is very likely that you will get a survey about your trip to improve the quality of the Google Map application.


If you are reliable in the field of photography, maybe this money-making android application is suitable for use. His name is Foap.

Foap is an application that makes it easy for you to sell your own photos.

Each photo uploaded on the application will be purchased by a well-known brand, to be reused as their promotional tool.

For one photo that is successfully sold, the brand will give you 10 dollars, which is divided equally between you and the Foap application.

The more often you upload photos on Foap, the more money you will have.

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Another money-making android application is Caping. This app is almost similar to BuzzBreak.

Where, every time you read the news, watch videos, or do other activities on Caping, you will get a reward in the form of points that can be converted into coins.

These coins can later be exchanged for shopping vouchers, to other attractive prizes for free or free.


Still similar to Caping and BuzzBreak, the next money-making android application without using PayPal is Cashzine.

This app allows you to earn extra money just by reading the news and doing each given mission.

Later all the coins obtained can be disbursed in the form of money and sent through your bank account or digital wallet.

appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

Having a unique name, the appKarma Reward & Gift Card is also widely used because of its tempting offer of cash.

You only need to install the applications in the Karma Reward & Gift Card app and play the Karma Quizzes game to get rewards in the form of money.

Interestingly, the money earned can continue to grow if you leave them installed application for a few days.

For the disbursement method itself, this application only provides transaction methods from PayPal.


Those of you who like traveling and photography are really obliged to download this one money-making android application.

In WhatsAround, each photo that is shot and managed to get a “Wow”, will receive points, which can later be used to buy various products from Amazon, Play Store, or App Store.


Finally, the app that you can use to make money is Champcash.

In this application, you have to complete all the tasks given so that later you will get a reward.

You can also invite more people to join the Champcash app, so you too can receive rewards back.

Later, the payments you get from this application can be reused for shopping on Amazon.

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Well, that’s a series of the Best Android App for Money Making that I recommend for you. If it works, don’t forget to save it again.