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Let’s Make Money with Amazon Work from Home Jobs

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Amazon is no doubt the biggest online shop all over the world. A lot of people utilize this platform either to sell their products online, or to get a job. With its great reputation, Amazon has surely find no difficulties to get employees to hire either online or offline. There are many opportunities to make money with Amazon by taking the Amazon work from home jobs offered. These jobs give you many advantages, like you don’t have to go out from your house to get the work done. You can do it at home while you’re finishing the chores or taking care of the babies. If you’re not sure enough, you can check the Amazon work from home reviews which help you to decide whether you really want take the job or not.

Meanwhile, you can check the amazon work from home hiring process mentioned below:

Several Easy Ways to Get Money with amazon Work from Home Jobs

Amazon work from home reviews

  1. The process commonly needs three weeks for the whole process. First of all, you’ll be interviewed by phone, and if they like you, you will be asked to come for on-site interview.
  2. They want to hire people who are ambitious and innovative to get involved in the company to achieve the goal together. Show them, that you’re creative and hard working person they’re looking for.
  3. Show them that you are a fast learner and willing to learn anything new to improve your skill and knowledge, and those will give positive impact for the company you’re working for
  4. Indeed, do the pre-research of the company; its characteristics, its main goal in general, the services type and so on. That will help you a lot if you want your Amazon jobs online application to be considerate by the company.
  5. When you get a chance for an interview, make sure you’re ready for their specific questions during the interview.

Now, here is the list of Amazon work from home jobs that you can gain you extra money.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Amazon online jobs work from home

As the Amazon affiliate you have to promote the products of Amazon on your social media account like Facebook, Instagram, blog or any account you have. When there’s anyone visit your account, then click or even make a purchase on the things you promote then you’ll get cash in return from Amazon. But, first of all you should register with the company in order to get the cash. It’s one of easy Amazon work from home jobs to do.

2. Sell on Amazon

Another easy Amazon online jobs work from home is to sell stuff on Amazon. Amazon has provided a perfect place for anyone from students, housewives artisans, retailers to easily make money only by doing the register online as an Amazon seller; they can sell their products online.

3. Deliver with Amazon

With the proliferation of online transaction, Amazon, as the biggest online retailer in the world, has created its own delivery system called Amazon Transportation Services. And they still need agents to deliver orders the most remote areas which can be accessed by other delivery services. Therefore, Amazon has set their agreement with the various courier companies to be able to get into any locations. And it makes the list of online jobs in Amazon Company longer.

4. Virtual Assistant

online jobs in Amazon company

This job usually requires you to work fulltime with good salary and some other benefits. However, you don’t directly work for the Amazon itself. The businesses that use Amazon as their commercial platform who hire you to do jobs like buying products from either manufacturers, or distributors, conducting the market research, and also doing the data entry on the store account. You are also responsible for how many products sold out, and make sure that your stock is enough to provide the demand for the near future.

5. Data Entry

Amazon jobs online application

When you work on Amazon data entry you’ll need to have certain skill in precise writing with excellent description of the stuff you are working for, and post them with enchanting images. You can take this as Amazon work from home jobs, which means you work as a part-timer. But this job is also available for full time position if you wish for.

6. Publish Your E-book

It’s such a great opportunity for those who like to write novels, or poems to be able to publish their works through Amazon. By utilizing Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing facility, it’s possible for you to create a book and publish it online immediately in about 5 minutes only.

The most lovable part of it is that you are able to adjust the price of the book on your own, and for every sold book, you’ll get cash from Amazon by PayPal.

7. Online Customer Service

Amazon work from home hiring process

Amazon work from home jobs are ranging in various roles of jobs. One of them is becoming a customer service who can work from home. The main requirement is you have a strong internet connection to work with and you have basic computer skill as well. A good command in English would give you more benefit in doing your job. In addition, your pleasant communication skill is also one of the important things since you have to handle the customers over the telephone and solve the issues they bring you.

8. mTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk is the system of Amazon which requires human power to help them solve the problems which cannot be accomplished by the virtual assistances. The jobs include checking if there’s any duplicate or wrong product, uploading the videos on social media, analyzing data and audio transcription as well. Basically, it offers you various miscellaneous tasks but still important ones.

Those Amazon work from home jobs are perfect way for anyone who would like to get extra money to support their lives. Amazon definitely has a good reputation that you shouldn’t doubt. Its reputation is also a guarantee for you when you want to be part of this giant e-commerce.

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